Blind, Deaf and Dumb
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
To be told of the future, in most cases, is a very good thing because of the ability that one may utilize to prepare for it. However, when one has to live and make changes in said prophecy it is totally different from being told or reading about it -- for instance, the prophecy concerning The Lost Sheep needing to be found and then resurrected. Keeping in mind that this particular "sheep" -- people -- were so thoroughly swallowed up and indoctrinated in the behavior of their captors that they could stand before you, and you would find it extremely difficult to determine that this one, or these people, are those that are styled as "lost".

It is literally impossible for any man less than Allah Himself to resurrect these Lost People simply because these three major senses of human life have been put to death in the service of said loss. A question for the wise: "What must be done, or how can a person be resurrected void of sight, of hearing and unable to speak, and moreover unaware that he's lost?" This is an impossible situation to rectify for any Man, lest he be Allah Himself!

This lost man would have to be of great importance to Allah in the scheme of life for Allah to take on such an awesome task to display such saving power, knowing that every degree of change that is produced by the saving power would be viewed through the eye and behavior of their captors -- in short, misreading the process of their own salvation, which really gives new meaning to the word "sacrifice" by the Saviour. To those of you who are familiar with the Messenger's Teachings, it was stated that we, the Blackman in North America, are the best followers of any people on the planet. That statement is proven to be true. The Blackman rejects anything that does not include his slave master, making him the perfect "follower". Because of this lost man being in the condition of said topic, it must be understood by the wide-awake man to place no trust, or value, in the judgment coming from the lost man. This "lost sheep" at times may speak with such conviction and seemingly sound reasoning that it may cause the wide-awake man to pause in his assessment of said Lost. Those of us that are awake must remember no one will be accepted by Me and the wide-awake until they accept the knowledge and process of them being found, which will cause them to know God and the devil, and what is required of them, and this is why it is written concerning the wide-open field to work out in for the wide-awake man.

So, I, Royall, Allah in Person, caution you -- the wide-awake man -- in listening to the man who is lost, blind, deaf and dumb in his ability to reason and judge because it is nearly the same as our open enemy, the Caucasian, only in black skin. For those of you that are with Me and have learned and understand the process of the power to save, usually you have the most difficulty trying to save your family. A note from Me that may lessen the difficulty -- you may go to them, not after them, because there is no time available to chase after them. The thrust is to be placed FORWARD, and when they get tired of suffering from this world's life, they will seek you out, which leaves us free to make progress in a forward motion.

In order to get the full meaning of this Center Page, read it as many times as necessary and remember -- those that are with Me and those that would like to be with Me -- waste no time listening to, or trying to rationalize the campaign of lies put out by the ones who have committed treason and their sponsors, the blind, deaf and dumb. They cannot help or save any one, so make the best of this time.

Royall, Allah in Person
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