By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Knowledge is the accumulation of facts -- fractions -- that points to the absolute of the sum total of facts or fractions. It is so sought after by Man that it is written in scripture that man is forever seeking knowledge however never finding the Truth. This is an indication that shows or proves that knowledge is the first step in becoming wise, or to possess wisdom. Because knowledge can be applied to right and wrong, or good and evil it can only be of great service at this time in the history of our planet that we acquire the knowledge that allows us to find the Truth. Said knowledge must be of Nature and/or Creation that explains the definite.

Today, the most sought-after knowledge is the knowledge of The Supreme Being, God Himself, and how He is what He Is, and the Justification of His Absence. These questions I Am Living to Answer, Share and Express to the world of man and mankind. Knowing this type of knowledge brings peace to the righteous and the weary, it brings fear to the present God and his rulership because of the power of the absolute, which brings an end to their seeking of Truth--which has been used on the people to keep them in check by constantly presenting to the masses that no one is perfect, causing the masses to accept wrong to the point of losing their life.

Even the Blackman who I come to save, who are styled as "My People", even they will lose their life for the lack of knowledge because of their refusal of it after it was sent to them. Now, I, Royall, Allah in Person, Am Here in the midst as The Knowledge and it is still being refused, even though I am the Author and Bringer instead of the sender, and the refusal continues leaving me in the position of Judge. And for the few that are accepting said knowledge, I have the rewarding privilege of blessing them in abundance, and I do have rewards that far supercede the promise of money, good homes and friendships in all walks of life, peace of mind and contentment of heart.

I have a flood of rewards being held back by a Divine Gate which shall be opened in the near future. Some of these gifts and blessings are so tremendous that if not monitored from recipients of said gifts may experience a heart attack from the result of happiness of said gift. And I must say, if death were to visit me, I would much rather it be from happiness, instead of the sadness that this world has produced and compounded it. However, with all that I Am, I Still will allow you to make the choice, from wrong to right, from death to life. It won't be much longer, now that I have a nucleus of My People willingly living right and seeking to improve on that. This fact alone is a comforting reality to know that there are at least a few that will experience the bounty of Creation. This offsets the inordinate amount of waste -- people -- that have to be disposed of because of their refusal. It is much like the Tea Tree oil -- it requires a large or huge amount of leaves just to produce an ounce, however the healing properties in that ounce is worth it.

It soon will be an amazing reality to witness the response produced from the happiness produced by the few people that show obedience and love to Me, Allah in Person. I am most happiest when I am justified to give, because I Am A Giver. The problem is finding or producing someone to give to.

More to come on such an enlightening subject!

Royall, Allah in Person
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