Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
Wolves in sheep's clothing is a major problem in the rise of the Blackman.

Because of the nature of the Original Man (Blackman) he is always pulled into a trap by the use of his nature, right or righteousness by the universal trickster (Caucasian). It is used much like the holding of a carrot on the stick in the face of a horse just out of reach of his mouth, or baiting a hook for the fish with a worm. This practice is so frequently used that the victim has all but become immune, treating it as an expected, everyday practice. So much so that the present rulers are fattening their pockets by the use of sales of these deadly drugs, pills, alcohol and other substances to deaden the reality of the effects of constant disappointment.

No one is immune from these tactics. The knowledge and fear of Allah has been erased by the use of said tactics. I, ROYALL -- Allah -- have appeared in my Own Person physically, to salvage the best part of the Blackman here in North America. However, the practice of Minister Louis, the supposed helper of The Messenger of Allah has taken this practice to its zenith. He, Minister Louis, has given many wolves the garments of a sheep by freely naming them "Muhammad", causing the babies of the sheep (lambs) to fall victim to this disguise because of the innocent, submissive nature. And because of Me performing My Duty in resurrecting the real Muhammad, and sheep and/or lambs there are those named "Muhammad" -- which means "praiseworthy" or "worthy of praise" -- seeking an opportunity to spread "mud" on Me, Allah in Person, cloaked under the name "Muhammad".

These wolves are so greedy and thirsty for the taste of the blood and flesh of this New Lamb, that they have now gone so far in their attempt to legitimize lies put out by Moreen and her supporters, that this person Jason Muhammad, self-titled "Godson" would pin the printed lies by Moreen and The Pitch Weekly at the top of his message board. His actions, clearly, speak of the main wolf that has named all of his "cubs".

There is nothing in this kind of behavior that is praiseworthy and the title "Godson" behind that kind of behavior. The question would have to be asked: "the son of which God?" According to prophesy, the best way to fool or trick the righteous is to come or appear cloaked in righteousness and the sheep or lamb is one of the most submissive creatures brought into existence by Me to exemplify and to be utilized as a visible sign as to how the behavior of the saved (submissive) must be.

Satan has developed religion for his cloak and in the Muslim world in North America he cloaked himself in personalities with just enough Truth to get your attention, and never enough to make a measurable impact or positive influence for Allah's People. This is the very reason I, ROYALL, Allah in Person Had to Come Myself, Wielding the Power to make the necessary change, and the Power to Judge and Execute Judgment of the world on these wolves in sheep's clothing.

The Nation shall rise, or it will be as promised -- I will smite the Earth with a curse. There is no winning for those coming against the rise of this righteous kingdom. So when you all have performed your best, shot your best shot, and that reality becomes clear to all to whom it may concern, THEN I Will Make a generous showing of the Power that the opposers were up against. It is My Will, that those of you opposing Me, the ones named in this Center Page and those that are not -- do not discontinue your opposition, take it to the point of you being completely satisfied that you have won or completely failed, so do your best, for I Will perform my Will in My Own Time.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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