Student Enrollment
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
The student enrollment questions and answers given to the Messenger (Elijah Muhammad) from Allah was to acquaint him with the why of the presence of Allah.

The knowledge that is shared in this particular lesson is the basis that justifies our efforts of regaining our status of being the God once again. Due to space, I will give an explanation to some of the answers in this lesson more so than others. Since this is just for the Muslims that were and are introduced to Islam by Allah's Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, so upon reading this, Muslims, it may be necessary to have your Lessons at hand, because I will not be writing the questions, simply because the questions are housed in the answers of said lessons.

For example, No. 1 Answer: "The original man is the Asiatic Blackman, the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth, God of the universe."

Too many Muslims refer to this knowledge as being history, when in fact it is a present and future. This must be repeated by the Blackman for the final time. Failure to make this a present reality will certainly relegate this knowledge of the Blackman to BE history.

The first step in regaining this Godhood status is to have our thinking changed from servant to Master and then a system of right thinking must be established and a system to support said thinking.

Answer No. 1 points out who the Original God is and what is now expected of him.

Answer No. 2 points out who the man that is the natural enemy of the Original God is and who his maker is.

Answer No. 3 points out the overwhelming number of the Original Man -- potential God.

Answer No. 4 points out the small number of mankind that are exercising rulership over the REAL God.

Answer No. 5 points out the area of the Earth, which is the Blackman's home to work out in.

The water inside of the earth is to be calculated in the square mileage of water.

Answer No. 6 is a clear indication of the limited knowledge that the rulers of this planet are expressing, so there is much left for us, as the Original Man, to do.

Answer No. 7. Having knowledge is greater than having land.

Answer No. 8. Ditto.

Answer No. 9. There is no recorded beginning of God's Nature, and there is no knowledge that will reveal the end of it.

Answer No. 10. A cursed thought that has been the enemy of Allah for over 35,000 years, and this is a thought, developed and practiced originally by the Blackman! And, last and the least, Christianity -- an idea that is too young and too riddled with errors and mistakes to have any REAL strength -- an idea, void mainly of the nature of God.

If proper study is applied to this Lesson one could easily extract the spiritual (Unseen) for the development of the prophesied Righteous Kingdom, and once understood it will motivate said individual to accomplish the seemingly impossible -- which is returning the Blackman to being God, and the proof of it is the raising of a Righteous Kingdom (system) in the belly of Hell.

If these few words aid you in clarity then fly to Allah -- Me -- and increase the magnification of this budding Nation of Righteousness!

Allah in Person

P.S. Since this Center Page is dedicated mainly to the registered Muslims of either The Messenger, Wallace, Farrakhan, Silis, and Myself, I Will construct a Center Page for the general public within the next two- to three-days. Thank you for being patient.
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