The Wages of Sin
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 4, 2003
The wages of sin, according to the Bible is death, which translates into a final payment. However after speaking to many Christians, I found that the majority of them did not possess an accurate meaning or description of sin, and those that did showed no concern about its wages. This world has produced an insensibility to the wages of sin, mainly because of the practice of the rulers of this world going against what Allah has made Law, and then baptising everyone in said practice.

Many difficulties in various forms are brought about because of sin, which is committed whenever one transgresses against the Law. This is a collosal problem that only God, Himself, can solve, only because most people are ignorant of the Law and ignorance of the Law is no excuse that will allow you to avoid its wages. The wise men on the planet have no will or patience to deal with a people that is so thoroughly indoctrinated in the sinful practices of the world. Were it not for Me singlehandedly taking on the task of reforming or bringing Light to the subject there would be no flesh left on the Earth because all have sinned, and the wise men, or angels, would issue out the wages of sin -- which is Death.

The opportunity that is being made by Me to avoid said wages are being overlooked by the world and the responsible leaders, which justifies the comment made by the angels (Scientists) that they are "afraid that there is not enough time." This is understandable since Allah Himself is physically present, which means the ending of sin or Allah would have to become a sinner, which is impossible.

To the very date of this writing there have been millions of men attracted to the opportunity to avoid sin by the presence of the Nation of Islam founded by Elijah Muhammad. However its present day leader, Louis Farrakhan is bent on perpetuating sin, which has sentenced many to death. His own present condition testifies to the expected wages of sin. It is a shameful and embarrassing reality to hear his followers, the ones that he has sentenced to death, trying to justify their and their leaders' transgressions against the Law, trying to make sin right and the practice of the Law wrong.

Because of one's willingness to overlook Allah and the Law, it makes it easy to perpetuate sinful practices. You must remember that I, Allah in Person, is a respecter of no person -- only the Law -- and if this is not kept in the forefront of your mind you will surely die -- and, if your sinning is done purposely to make mockery of Me, The Supreme Being, the process of your death will be a long and painful one just to be sure that you receive your full wages. This warning and show of love is in accord with The Time and what I have said I Shall Do. No one shall escape their wages. Every tub must sit on its own bottom, and there is no leader after Elijah that will pay for your sins, not even your leaders are exempt from THIS payment.

Accept it or leave it alone --

Royall, Allah in Person

P.S. Remember the question posed in the Christian Bible, which is: "O Death where is your sting, O grave where is your victory?" This question is only valid nearing the end of my Duty (destruction).
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