What Must Be Done
What Must Be Done
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 8, 2003
The Blackman here in North America has been made so lazy by the enemy of Truth to the point of accepting the loss of his freedom with no expectation of regaining it.

The Blackman here is so comfortable talking about what he used to be, and what the Whiteman "is", to the point of him being paralyzed when it comes to the point of him (Blackman) doing anything that will jeopardize his current condition.

I, Royall, Allah in Person -- having knowledge of the Blackman's condition and the solution -- appeared in another man's person and set in motion the necessary practice that is the foundation that will support his freedom and independence. However the weight of the Blackman's refusal to actually accept and put into practice said solution brought about the death or removal of Allah's Messenger (Elijah Muhammad) by Allah Himself. This event set the stage for night or darkness to come in so as to cause the proper awareness for the need of daylight to return -- and, as we all know, Day was made for work, or a productive motion.

Now, I, Royall, Allah in Person Am Here, ushering in The New Day, and the haters of work are doing all within their power to kill Me by any means necessary just to get out of What Must Be Done. For example, this is what equates to freedom and independence: literally producing all necessities of life which physically begins with food, clothing and shelter.

We in The United Nation of Islam are producing said means, and we are growing in a way which enables us to receive from other brothers that which we have not produced for ourselves. This is a support system that allows us to GROW into independence where we will not have to ask another man to do for us what we must do for self. When we want food, we must grow it or call on our brothers to produce said need. If we have need for oil, we want to call on our Brothers to satisfy said need. This practice must be done until there is no more need to speak of it because I am Here, and this could be easily accomplished. Because of the Divine Protection and the Divine Intervention of thought which will be shared with the righteous makes it a simple task. However, the problem is volunteer laziness, disbelief, and downright devilishment from the Blackman is the root problem of stagnation in his rise.

I, Royall, Am actually producing the magnification of What Must Be Done. The key ingredient in this scenario is the Blackman -- if and when he accepts this Idea it will be done, and if he does not it will not be done -- and it will be no need for it to be done because he will not be here due to his final experience with the set destruction.

So Blackman, you are at the crossroad of Life and Death as a people. Acceptance equals Life; rejection equals total Death, and remember --

Allah in Person
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