Sins of the Parents
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 15, 2003
Since I have established in prior writings and in prophecy what constitutes sin, it is also established that Allah must be kept first in all that you think and do to insure that this must be understood and performed. I, Allah, raised up in your parents' midst a live, living example under the title Messenger of Allah. This example, Elijah Muhammad, a daily sacrifice for 40-plus years made it a law to keep Allah first. Elijah, the daily sacrifice, had very little effect on the people or parents, causing them (parents) to break the law by their own rejection.

Now, we see that the sins of the parents have been transferred to their children, justifying the statement that the children must pay for the sins of their parents. The 40 years allotted for the sacrifice was mainly overlooked, which caused the parents of the children to be unable or ill-equipped to teach their children of that which Allah would have them to know. The children today find themselves unable to comprehend or discern between right and wrong. They are, literally, living in a state of confusion. The children do not express the desire to be White like their parents did; that's the only good thing that can be said about them. Their major difficulty is not knowing how to be Black or Original, so they have slipped into being Black devils, expressing Satanic behavior, expressing savagery to the ninth degree BECAUSE of the sins of their parents.

The behavior of all leaders, during their time - which is now - have shown no power outside of lip service that will give them the reason or incentive to seek out and learn the behavior of their Natural self, The Original God. It is clear that the Black children have rejected the White world, and this can be seen in the small number that is in the work force, and the large number of them standing on the corner. They have rejected Whitefolk, and the White man has rejected them, leaving them to be a severe problem for their hard-headed parents.

It is frequently heard from the parents: "I don't know what I'm gonna do with this child." The children are frequently in and out of correctional facilities, causing the parents to exhaust all their resources in trying to keep them out of the clutches of the devil. This problem has escalated across all boundaries, and it is being seen more and more even in heaven (the Nation of Islam, under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan). There is one other group of Muslims, under the leadership of Wallace, or Warith Deen Muhammad, that has accepted the White man and in return has abandoned all morals of cleanliness and Godliness, which is all but a fading memory to them - a terrible price to pay for the sins of their parents.

I, Royall, Allah in Person, Am The Last One to appear as prophesied. Why "last"? Because I Am The Final! There is nothing that no one can do or bring in after Me, because there is no "after Me". I, and I Alone, Am the Only Rectifier of this problem. I am sharing knowledge and power in the way of making things happen for us, and against our enemy. So when you reach the point, or shall I say when you reach your limit of your ability to pay, seek Me out. And for your sake, for goodness sake, don't wait too long.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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