By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 20, 2003
Salvation is a word often spoken and has been unable to be achieved. It has been an expected reality for over 70 years, beginning at the time of Allah's arrival, in the person of master Fard Muhammad in the year 1930, July 4.

Due to the multitude of changes that had to take place over the course of 70-plus years, we now can say "salvation is attainable" because I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am The Saviour, and I Am also doing the spiritual, mental and physical things that makes salvation attainable due to the lack of understanding by the majority of those whom I am seeking to save, makes it appear that salvation is still unattainable, or at least "far off". And this is only an appearance, at best.

It is written in prophecy that Elijah must first come to make a way for The Saviour, and this translates to having a certain number of people aware of The Time, or at least be able to have a measure of understanding of Allah and His Purpose when He Arrives. However, the little understanding that they have can be rated at the level of a small child which makes them pause, and listen for a moment. And because, in their minds, they think they are grown and they carry on the same practice as the small child. The small child sees their parents owning and operating a vehicle, and they express a determination to operate the vehicle as well. When the parent refuses to let them operate said vehicle for safety purposes, they resort to anger and throwing fits, and this is the same behavior I, as Father, am experiencing with the people (children) that are to be saved.

 The children very rarely perform a thorough check to find out why things are granted or denied to them, therefore giving the appearance that the parents are in error. Such as the latest charges being mounted against Me -- The Father, The Saviour, Allah in Person -- and this is why it is also stated in prophecy that I must suffer the children, because within them is the Kingdom of Heaven. In reality, small children do not cause parents to suffer because of the nature of growth between parent and child, so this prophecy is referring to full-grown men with the thoughts and behavior of a child, especially concerning that which is Divine. And to bear witness to said condition if these grown children were doing or responding in a manly or Godly way, salvation would not be needed.

The past and present behavior of the would-be saved are the only ones that are capable of producing a situation of suffering. I, being Allah, developed a system of honesty and openness to minimize said suffering. There is no Muslim that receives his title "Muslim" from The Messenger or the splinter groups that cannot call me at any time with any respectful question for the purpose of clarity and understanding. The majority of the ones that are bringing about the suffering, act as though I started out with people that are certified angels, making no mistakes or errors -- a clear sign of their childhood. So, I say again, there is nothing clean and pristine until I make it to be so.

In the very beginning of this plan in the early 30s, Master Fard Muhammad chose Elijah Muhammad with little-to-no education of this world, and the principle of that reasoning stands true today: there are very few college-educated] persons with me or anything Divine because they are too proud of the nothing they have been filled up with by the enemy of Truth, making it a shameful and unwanted reality of their destruction or their annihilation. It has been made clear in prophecy that nothing of this world will be accepted in the world I am bringing in. Remember, all former things will pass away, while you college students -- or graduates -- proud of your degrees, are trying to perpetuate something that cannot be. I Am Developing a Righteous Nation right before your eyes with little-to-nothing from you, and because it is New, the way that I am Developing this, your knowledge or the lack of it condemns it to be "wrong". And to the Patricks and Doubting Thomas' of the world, what you witnessed in The United Nation of Islam is a changing of the guard (thoughts) and that process takes time, lest you experience Death from the sudden change.

My suffering because of this problem is all-but over because I have developed a few thinking men who are no longer boys, which will enable Me to move on to a higher level, and they will take on the suffering until the time of suffering is over.

Remember, while reading this post, a child is not allowed to remain a child, nor will I continue to suffer because the future that I am bringing in does not include suffering, tears, sadness, and -- at its ultimate -- even no more Death. So, I would be very careful as to who I would listen to, because there is only One God, and I Am on the scene today -- present -- named ROYALL, Allah in Person.

Before you, the reader, make any comments, read this again and again if necessary. It is your salvation that is at stake, not mine.

Accept it or leave it alone,

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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