By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 30, 2003
Independence is a natural craving to be free of any person, place or thing, answering only to the invisible Laws and Principles of Creation. Independence is a reality that has to be earned -- it is never given. All degrees of independence are determined by knowledge and the application of said knowledge. The process that one must go through, being in a material state, automatically teaches one the importance of respect for the Laws and Principles of Creation -- much like a child which starts off DEPENDENT until it grows and develops into being INDEPENDENT of its parents, and if certain laws are not learned and practiced, it may present a problem for the departure from the parents or guardians or State agencies. Someone has to care for you.

The American Caucasian cherishes independence from their Mother country to the point of celebrating their separation on the Fourth of July every year. They have, as a Nation, shown such a deep appreciation for their Independence that they are now the leading Nation of the world in goods and services, and also power. They have done and are doing that which constitutes independence, and they are always eager to express how they achieved it. It is often said by them (Caucasians), "if you want to be free or independent, you must work HARD" -- a reality that frightens the Blackman to death!

We, the Blackman here in North America carry the number of a Nation and everything that is needed for us to realize Independence was brought to the Blackman here in North America on July 4, 1930. This offer, or possibility of Independence has been here for the Blackman for a little over 70 years. The Blackman is constantly refusing the offer, and only paying lipservice to the possibility. No Minister can produce Independence, and definitely, no follower can even identify Independence, because they are too child-like in their thinking. Only the Blackman that has aspired to the point of becoming a Master can relate, to some degree, of Independence.

I, Royall, The True Independent One, am The Only One that is capable and/or willing to produce the Final Opportunity for the Blackman -- as a People -- to become Independent. It is My Will that Independence becomes a Reality and I Am Being, and Shall Be Successful in said endeavor.

Independence is a Reality that others kill and die for, when you, Blackman -- because of Me -- only have to submit and take advantage of said opportunity!

Royall, Allah in Person
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