Living Prophecy
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
July 16, 2003
Prophecy -- which comes from Allah through individuals whom He inspires or recognizes as Divine prophets.

These prophecies are mathematical calculations that predict changes and the effects of the change for a future time. Prophesies are only necessary when the rulers of what God Has Given them are not in harmony with Allah's Will. These prophesies serve as a warning to the wicked and an inspiration to the righteous. Prophesies from Allah always reach beyond the life-span of several generations from the Time that it was given, because of the magnitude of the inevitable change. When prophesies are given there are never instructions of how to avoid the prophesies, because they never apply to the generations before the Time of the prophecy, and this is done to eliminate the possibility of "cheating" and offering Allah something at the time of the Living Prophecy that is not real.

Allah, out of His Love and Mercy, always -- just before the time of the prophecy to be lived -- raises one up as a guide or instructor. In our case, the Blackman here in North America, He raised a Messenger to acquaint us with what must be done to avoid the tragedies of said prophecy.

The raising up of said individual clearly separates the person known as prophet and Messenger because of the two distinct duties. The Blackman here in North America and the Whiteman are expected to live the instructions and guidance given to us by Allah through His Messenger, especially after the allotted time for The Message.
The greatest prediction or prophecy that has ever been prophesized is the one that predicts the Coming of Allah Himself. This equates to an undeniable power that finalizes the Mother of all Prophesies. Today, we are living in the Time of this tremendous prophecy, and because Allah is only accepting the willing righteous, it is causing a great turmoil, even in the place of Heaven (the Nation of Islam). The rulers of the world are at a loss to find or produce peace because of their refusal to accept The Message, and the sender of The Message -- Allah Himself. This behavior is bringing destruction to many Nations, fulfilling prophecy of their destruction. Chaos is so much the order of the day that the righteous and unrighteous are of the belief that there is no power that can bring about the change that is predicted by Allah Himself.

I, Royall, Allah In Person Am Ushering in a government that fulfills the promise of Peace, although the world and the ignorance of the righteous are adverse. I Am Invoking The Seed of Redemption and wiping out the enemy of Truth with the many weapons that Nature provides Me with.

These few words are to acquaint you with the Reality of The Time in which we are now living. I, Being Allah, am making Myself known in an indisputable way. There is no weapon formed or shall be formed to negate the Power and Purity of what is and what must be done to fulfill the ending of ALL prophecies!

Royall, Allah in Person
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