Does Satan Exist?
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
August 2, 2003
Does Satan Exist is as much of a question as Does Allah Exist and where is He? The mystery that makes this a question is the major cause of man's inability to rise out of his stagnant position in life to a free and independent position in life, which Nature dictates and promises that Man must do to experience the full measure of Divinity.

Satan, up until the coming of Allah, was recognized as negative with intelligence. There was no need for Satan to be a particular individual because each individual on Earth gave this negative force power from their own being, knowingly or unknowingly. The giving-in to the suggestive power of negative (Satan), has caused civilization from the beginning of Time to fall over and over again, until this very date. Satan, until the coming of Allah in Person, exercised a stranglehold, or presented an offer that Allah could not refuse not to destroy him. And this is why civilizations would rise and then fall. And to minimize the effects of Satan in a created and made world of Allah, the writing of history in advance that corresponds with the circumference of the planet (Earth) which, at this time, is 25,000 years in advance, was done to keep Satan reacting until he was able to catch up to Allah by way of his future planning. And, then, Allah would change the rules for another 25,000 years which enables Allah to stay ahead of Satan at all times.

Allah has found the perfect solution to rid himself and his Creation from Satan, forever. And because of this marvelous find, Allah now Has Decided -- and rightfully so -- to make Himself Known in the fullness of "Be", which is man. Now in order to employ his marvelous findings which enables Him to destroy Satan, --- which is this negative inside you with something to say --- must now be brought out and made to take the form of a man. This is the requirement for Allah and Satan to meet face to face for the FINAL CONFLICT.

I, ROYALL, Am Prepared to call out Satan at the appointed time, to rid Allah and His Creation from this eternal irritance. Does Satan exist? Yes, and not only does he exist, he is a live, living man that is the generator and conductor of the negative force that has and is causing the disruptive and chaotic conditions in Creation.

This presents a perfect opportunity for the righteous and the would-be righteous to participate in The United Nation of Islam, to shore up the foundation for us as a people so there will be no void felt because of the absence of Satan. There is not much time left compared to all the things that must be done before this FINAL conflict. There is much, much more to be taught on this subject after you have digested this.

Accept it or leave it alone.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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