"IF" I Were Satan
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
August 10, 2003
The title of this post in NO way refers to Me being Satan, so I will state it again: "IF I were Satan, this is what I wish to do."

"I would know the Time and the urgency of it because of my great greatest wish to continue being part of Time, knowing that Allah is Present and determined to Destroy me. I must do all that I can to put up a worthy fight because I am not going out of existence laying down."

"My main concern and greatest ambition is to always snare and consume The Righteous, so all of my work will be done to The Righteous, or because of them. I first would come in the Circle of Righteousness, undetected, for the purpose of producing perpetual confusion, using righteousness as my appearance. I would knowingly single out the most influential, charismatic individual that is standing for Truth. I then would make him excel above all others until he feels indispensable. I, then, insert questions in the thinking of said individual. Questions that question the appreciation of said individual by the followers or members of this Righteous circle. I then would exalt the work of said individual in his own thinking until he feels that he is "owed" something, which automatically produces a sense of betrayal, aided by me, towards the exalted One, with the hopes of producing mass chaos -- to the point that they are unacceptable to Allah, and His Plan of Salvation. I then would assassinate the character of anyone that steps up, that attempts to bring clarity to the chaos that I produce, whereby strengthening the hopelessness in the will of the Righteous. I would continue this process until all of the Original Members of the Righteous that carried any strength to make a change died. This way, I will force Allah to come Himself. So I, through the children of the Righteous, hope to frustrate Him (Allah) to the point of killing them ALL.

"I certainly wish, because I am working tirelessly, for the end results to be true, so before my Destruction I will experience a moment of satisfaction, knowing that I succeeded in causing the death of the Righteous, leaving Allah in the position that He was in, in the beginning -- by Himself. I wish this would happen before Allah can wake them up and escape my plan."

I, Royall, Allah in Person am not Satan. Satan will never come out against his own self. His biggest weapon is secrecy. I, Being Allah, Am Dispelling darkness in every aspect that has the ability to hide or to hold a secret. I Shed Light on everything, ending the excuse of the Righteous to remain trapped in the wishes of Satan. The evidence of this post is very clear. It is being practiced daily. You are either in the dark, or the Light. This post sheds more Light on the darkness, and the home of Satan.

Think over this.

ROYALL, Allah In Person
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