By The National Secretary for The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
and The Nation of Islam
Abass Rassoul
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Since it has been stated that I would not make the hereafter, I will share what math shows me concerning this matter.

According to what has been shared by ROYALL --- Allah in Person, the very first criteria for being eligible to see the Hereafter without first experiencing death is to be a registered member of the NOI prior to Feb. 25, 1975. Here I qualify. He ROYALL ---Allah --- Has shared that from this class of individuals will come the 144,000 who are to guide the new world with the guidance and direction of the new Ruler of the planet, King Joseph. ROYALL --- Allah --- Shared that these would be the "cream of the planet earth" and that these are the ones whom He came to assemble. They would be able to discern the voice of The Messenger --- their "mother" --- in what He --- The Father, ROYALL - Allah --- Shares in explaining and verifying what The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught. He would do this mathematically.

I was blessed to discern the voice in the first tape I heard and I have been with Him ever since, ten years this month. During this time I have grown to understand why The Honorable Elijah Muhammad shared that I "would tell you what must be done after the coming of God". Still, it was no guarantee of the Hereafter. ROYALL Has Shared that this would be determined by "test and works".

The initial record of discerning the "mothers" voice is to understand that one now has an opportunity to actively participate in bringing in the "New world" by assisting in laying the foundation for it --- secure in the knowledge that this is indeed the end of 6,000 years of tyranny and in excess of 76 trillion years of negative energy, now styled as Satan, which the Original Allah sought for and finally named "mystery god". A force so powerful that it forced the changing of the plans of the Original Allah every 35,000 years and then every 25,000 years. A force that was here before the Original Allah created Himself in "total, triple darkness." The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "We do not know where the atom that He found here came from." ROYALL - Allah in Person, Said it came from the total 100% dissatisfaction of the darkness, the negative, the nothingness.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that dissatisfaction brings about a change, and 100% dissatisfaction brings about a 100% change. It was the 100% dissatisfaction of the Original Allah that accepted the opportunity for the new God ROYALL --- Allah --- to Create Himself in the Light and induce the dissatisfied, rebellious Hanif to make a statement that invited The New God - ROYALL --- into the home of the Original Allah. Once there, He was able to demonstrate to the Original Allah that He - ROYALL --- Had the Knowledge to solve the problem of the "mystery god", forcing the 25,000 year changes in plans, which at the same time, would end the reason for death and allow eternal life. The Original Allah agreed and turned His creation over to The New God, ROYALL, to allow Him to bring about this change, with the agreement and understanding that The New God must leave.

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When the change is affected, since two gods cannot rule at the same time in the same place. ROYALL - Allah --- will leave when Satan (negative energy) is destroyed and return the creation to the Original Allah. He will go to His Own universe.

The destruction of negative - Satan --- will end the reason for death of the physical housing and allow the entities to remain in the same housing which will always appear as though it is 16 and never have to leave because the housing decayed.

Because this is promised and written, it means that the current home of the original Allah --- the Sun --- will eventually die out as the entities leave, never to return; leave for a universe that will be totally negative free. This is why it is not important to me if I make the Hereafter or not. I know that if my present housing (body) has decayed to a point that mathematically it is not reasonable to restore it or if my deeds during my lives warrant a final payment of death, I know that if I am not to be totally destroyed, I will return to a New world, totally free of negative and therefore to eternal life. I do not know what it will be, however, it does not matter. To be able to participate actively in the bringing in of the New world is a reward in and of itself because I know that and[/i] that my children will be safe in this New idea [and] at the same time, willing that right works will earn me a place.

So, when ROYALL --- Allah --- Promises that you or your loved ones will not die, or that He will heal you or them, know that it is a blessing. When an entity leaves its housing, it passes, not "dies". To be promised that you will not die means that you will be here in The New world. If you pass it means that you are assured a new body and eternal life. When He says He will heal you, and you pass, it means that spiritually you have a debt or sickness, perhaps from an earlier life and that you will return, cleansed, to the New world. Remember it is written, "we must pay for some of the things that our hands have sent forth" and "they wandered in the wilderness" until the "old" died out.

Abass Rassoull

The above letter, Hereafter -- Is a reprint of a handwritten document, pinned by National Secretary Abass Rassoull while in Conakry in the West African country of Guinea in September, 2002.
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