Being Tested
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
September 15, 2003
This is a term that is used by the Muslim followers here in North America very loosely. The users of such term usually show the lack of understanding of the conditions that produce the "test", so it is often recited from the Muslims that are in difficulty that they "are being tested" -- unaware of what constitutes a test.
Before being tested, the tested must be given the opportunity to learn or know all of the ins and outs, the "do's and don'ts" of what they are being tested on. The Muslim followers of The Messenger of Allah -- Elijah Muhammad -- for the most part did not study or learn the significance of The Message and their responsibility to it. Elijah Muhammad produced a physical blueprint of a Nation for God's People, and only the ones that knew and had a certain level of understanding could be tested; the others squandered the opportunity for them to qualify themselves to meet Me -- Allah in Person.

We purposely removed Elijah, The Messenger, for the test to begin so as to determine who is the Cream and who is not. We purposely prolonged the timing of the test to prevent the possibility of cheating. This particular test must be passed by the ability to think divinely and Mathematically, and not from memory. The Blackman in North America has nothing tangible or physical as a people to be tested on, so the test has to be out of the spiritual, and mental, and the Divine, which shows who is trustworthy to build the righteous kingdom PHYSICALLY.
This shows who is worthy for Allah to Share this Divine Knowledge with. Remember, the answer to the question: "Who is the Original Man?" -- a major key. And the answer is The Maker . . .", which means nothing is permitted to be made at this time that is other than righteous, and that can only be produced and guided by the Cream of this Earth.

Something else to remember: Allah Stated that He would Head up the Building of this Righteous Nation Himself, because He trusted NO ONE ELSE. The Kingdom that I, ROYALL, Allah in Person am Commissioned to Build is like no other kingdom ever known to man -- so I must have the best thinkers that Creation produces. So, all of you believers and followers of The Messenger or Minister Louis are experiencing a self-imposed test -- not a test from Allah -- because of your refusal to think.

Remember Blackman, you were lost AND found, but you have always had the choice to accept the thinking of your Finder.

Think this over and accept it, or leave it alone.

ROYALL -- Allah in Person
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