To The Muslim Followers of The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad, and to the General Public
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
September 20, 2003
Most people are taught from childhood that 'God (by whatever title in the persuasion used -- such as Allah, Jehovah, etc. -- is Love', and that God 'knows and Sees All,' 'He is The Author of Knowledge and Intelligence,' and that 'He is All-Powerful'. All of these descriptions are true. The dilemma comes in when trying to prove it. The Whiteman in this country in North America, the most powerful country on the planet, is unable to prove that he is loved by God because of the many sicknesses and the lust for blood on a daily basis speaks against God's Love of him. The so-called Jews -- "God's chosen people" -- cannot prove that the descriptions of God are true towards them because of absence of Peace in their community. The Muslims of the East are unable to prove said description, because of their unrest. In short, no people on the Earth that are generally known can prove said description of God.

Because of this apparent contradiction it has brought Man and mankind to the point of doing whatever they think they can get away with -- according to the laws of man. As a people, they have not experienced any creditable response from The Supreme Being which justifies these descriptions of Him UNTIL the raising up of Elijah as A Messenger to the Blackman. That process did not change the beliefs of most people because of God's Will to show Love to one man -- the Blackman. After the process of The Message weeding out the weak from the strong, the hypocrite from the believer, it has brought us right back to the beginning of this dilemma.

Now Allah, God, Himself is present in Person to express fully the descriptions of Himself and in order to do so, the ones who are to receive this Great Love and Blessings from This Divine One must first show a great love for The Truth, and knowledge to confirm it.

The leaders prior to Allah's Appearance in Person failed to show a great love FOR The Truth above the love of notoriety, except for Elijah. One of the men most written about in prophesy -- the modern day "Aaron" (Minister Louis), is living proof that neither he nor his followers know anything of Allah's Love, which in turn makes many of the followers believe that their MISERY is God's Way of showing his "love". From the Minister's balding, his false teeth, the removal of his anus, to the rerouting of his urinary tract, and to the cancer that caused it all should be enough evidence to show Allah?s dislike of him and his behavior.

But since they interpret all of this MISERY to mean the All-Knowing is trying him; they fail to see the contrast. Why would the All-Knowing try someone that doesn't know? The All-Powerful is trying someone with no power? The All-Seeing is trying someone who is blind? So it is easy to see how the misery of WRONG-DOING is attributed to Allah and His doing, out of "His Love" for us. So, when Allah Does step up and says NO MORE TEARS, NO MORE SADNESS, NO MORE PAIN, and ultimately NO MORE DEATH, immediately the people say "that's crazy" to the One who has The Power to make it true, to the one that is All-Seeing in how to make it true. So our expression of God is backwards indeed. Satan has prepared all to curse God in one form or another upon His arrival, and it starts in the House of God, with Minister Louis as the head and all of his misled followers. And the trick is to make the people, themselves to be unworthy of Allah's Attention towards them to remove all Satanic habits, making them unsalvageable. However, it is only a trick -- something that is easily turned around by The All-Wise One -- the One who has the power to make you see your error, before you are blessed or destroyed.

Royall, Allah In Person
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