By ROYALL, Allah in Person
October 18, 2003
Protection is a system of guarding that which is of interest to the protector. The system of protection is greatly misunderstood by the Muslims and especially here in North America that accept being a Muslim because of Allah's Message sent to us by way of Elijah. The main part of The Message informed us as to who we are by Nature, which is "the Asiatic Blackman, the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe" -- a reality that cannot be challenged, even if we never stood in our rightful place ever again. There is no one that Nature has provided to fill the vacancy of our apparent absence. This position is protected so well that Nature itself will not break the Law in an effort to fill the position.

The scenario the Blackman here in North America finds himself in today is truly unique -- a real situation unlike any other people on the planet. He, the Blackman, is in the pit of hell and stripped of everything, and yet he is expected to transform hell into Heaven. Of course this cannot be done with thoughts generated from worldly thinking which proves to be a perfect scenario for the Supreme Being to show His Love and Protection to the Blackman that has submitted himself to learn the thoughts and ways of Allah -- The Supreme Being.

The actual solving of this problem of placing the Blackman back in his rightful position of Ruler has required time that has stretched beyond the average lifetime of a man from birth to death. This process has recorded the life of many men that feared Allah and became a willing servant of Him (Allah). The history of these men has recorded many obstacles performed against them, and they were always protected through the duration of their duty to Allah. This protection is so ordained by Allah that even the unsightly actions of a hypocrite are protected by Allah from the harm-seekers of said hypocrite so they (hypocrites) will not be cheated from a full measure of Allah's Wrath that proves to be equal or just for their crime against the Will of Allah.

And for those of you who are short-sighted starting from the time of The Messenger, Elijah, with all of his opposers Black and White -- no outside harm was allowed to come to him nor to Wallace, The Messenger's son, right up to the present-day leader Minister Louis Farrakhan. No outside harm has been allowed to be affected to the point that nullifies his protection regardless to how foolish or daring his behavior has been.

We have now reached the grand finale of placing this Blackman back to his rightful position as Cream of this planet, and God of the Universe by Allah -- ROYALL -- Himself. And out of all of the protection that history has recorded there is one recording that stands out greater than them all -- and that is the protection of Self -- since that is the First Law of Creation. And Remember Blackman -- that you can never be yourself as being God until The One God Himself shows you how. And I, ROYALL, Allah in Person Have no choice other than to invoke the First Law of Nature. And because of what I am destined to do, the writers of history in advance have unanimously agreed to protect Me at all costs, because of the Mathematical exactness that describes My Existence and Purpose.

So I say, study this post and see if you can find the Rightness of what is shared and its worthiness to be protected.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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