By ROYALL, Allah in Person
October 24, 2003
Due to the unpleasantry of the reality of this subject justifies the few words written concerning it. The inordinate amount of injustice inflicted daily on the Righteous makes it very difficult for the Righteous not to retaliate from their own power to do so. This poses a severe problem for the Righteous if the choice is to retaliate using their own power to do so, because it perpetuates the "tit for tat" -- only making things worse.

The other option is to call on Allah, and leave it to His Judgment to Retaliate in His Own Time. This option proves to be even more dramatic than the first because it oft-times gives the appearance that Allah "did not" hear your request, or that He is "totally unaware" of said abuse.

The term Allah will handle it in His Own Time places a real strain on the faith that one has in Allah, especially when the perpetrator of said wrong appears to be rather pleased with his affairs in the way his life is going. I, ROYALL -- Allah in Person -- Am Here to erase, or at least minimize the ill-effect of both scenarios concerning "Vengeance" by sharing the Knowledge of Why and How I Do Things.

The statement is "Vengeance is Mine Sayeth The Lord", and the reason why it is Mine is because I Have the Knowledge and The Command over the forces of Nature that allows Me to render a verdict that cannot be challenged. And at this stage of the Blackman (The Righteous) development, teaching is needed more than Mercy or Judgment. However, nothing is forgotten. One's behavior, especially towards the Righteous is always recorded, and the Nature of the Righteous is to see the enemy or the unlearned turn to be Righteous, rather than the use of vengeance.

Vengeance is a command directed from Allah Himself to repay you in a very distasteful way for the misery and discomfort that the wrong-doer has inflicted on the Righteous. Vengeance is never applied for the purpose of reforming. It is a just payment, and that is all. If the wrong-doer survives, the effect of the Vengeance and he turns from his wicked ways, that will be from his choice only, not from My Intended Will.

So Remember, Vengeance is not My First Choice, however it is a choice.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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