Accept it or Leave it Alone
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
November 2, 2003
Accept it or leave it alone is a warning that is oft-times recited and repeated to the said to be Muslim followers of the various leaders here in North America. This warning carries the same natural and unnatural effects as all other warnings.

To be effective all warnings or threats must be issued from a source of power that is capable and justified in producing the result or dynamic of said threat or warning. The Muslim followers here in North America find it very hard to fully comprehend or ascertain this particular warning of "accept it or leave it alone," simply because the Power that enforces the warning is Spiritual -- or Unseen. This makes the warning only effective to those who are taught the Unseen and how It works. Today, all leaders and their followers have not learned how the Unseen works, therefore unable to value said warning.

The Blackman here in North America is caught up in a perpetual turmoil, so the part in the warning, "or leave it alone" means nothing because of his past, present and bleak future -- never knowing the result of the "accept it" part which produces peace, love and happiness. This particular warning of "accept it or leave it alone" is a warning issued directly from Allah, the Author and Power of "accept it", knowing that when one does accept they will in no limit of time receive the knowledge empowered to make things happen that is always in their favor because it is a practice that prevents the Universe from denying you of that which you are in harmony with.

The perfect example of one who accepted the Will of Allah after being taught was The Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad. All leaders, to this very date, started to accept and then turned and decided not to leave it alone, which has produced a tragic and chaotic reality for them and their followers mainly because the little that they did accept was shared with them from The Creator, and the part that was learned is not to be used in the form of prostituting Allah. The very reason for Allah's return is to put an end to this kind of prostitution, which He will end forever and replace it with His formula of Perfection.

So, accept it or leave it alone is a warning that is not debatable, nor will any excuses be accepted for transgressing or ignoring the warning -- especially those that are being taught this formula by Allah Himself which can only be found or learned in The United Nation of Islam.

One must remember that Islam is Math and Math is Islam, and without this practice there is nothing to judge. This is a post that is very, very, very important to be studied so one may learn the full meaning of "accept it or leave it alone."

Royall, Allah in Person
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