By ROYALL, Allah in Person
November 14, 2003
Armageddon is a word that is used to refer to the final War between good and evil, right and wrong -- God and the Devil. The word literally means "Armed, to get you." Armageddon is a war that has been predetermined and also the winner predetermined. Phases of this war is spoken about in many places, and written about in all spiritual and religious writings.

Out of the mercy of Allah this war is being waged gradually for the express purpose of an early surrender by the opposers of Allah and His Will. The gradual showing of Power that is beyond the control of world rulers, especially when it comes against their rule, is a sign of said Mercy. The power that was used to produce the creation and the make of all things has not been seen or fully felt by the enemy of said Power. So there is no way to accurately judge the Power that God is armed with to get you. Day by day the Power is being used and increased until no one can deny a change must be made, and the Author of the Change fully recognized.

The War of Armageddon is becoming more increasingly physical, so as to speak to the mental, which is to cause the Blackman to know there is a Divine Power he must submit to. And, for the Caucasian to be reminded that he was given power to rule, and the Giver also has the Power to take it back if forced to, which will prove to be a most unwanted result by the Caucasian and anyone else who lives his life.

Armageddon is a most unwanted reality by Allah, simply because He is being made to do that which He does not want to. In some places it is written He becomes furious because of being made -- something to think about. There is a saying by this world "do not mess with Mother Nature", and Father Time is rarely spoken about. And it is Father-Time that gives the instructions and commands TO Mother Nature, and she never disobeys for fear of feeling the wrath of Father Time.

The writing of this post and the many others is certainly a show of Supreme Mercy and Patience. To the rulers of this world, any government today that seeks to enforce its will over the Will of The Supreme Being will meet a miserable end, more horrifying than the horrors placed on the Black once-slave of America. Because Nature was not against the Blackman during slavery, however, now it IS against the Whiteman. This Time, nature is against you. We do know the Caucasian has learned much from Nature and out of all of his learning it will benefit him the most if he has learned to respect it and its Maker. Those of you that are Caucasian reading this, do not take this as some well-placed "words". There are many things you have not learned because We have purposely kept them from you.

There is a wordless Knowledge that you have not mastered that can be employed instantly, that can be applied to many life forms that will surprise or overtake you in their response to said Knowledge. You now have an opportunity to participate in ushering in this New Life that scripture talks about. However, in order to see it or experience it submission to the process of it is an absolute must.

Remember, Anger is not one of my favorite experiences; however, I will not shun what needs to be.

Enough for the wise.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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