The Caucasian God
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
November 19, 2003
This is a subject that must be addressed and understood for any progress to be made in identifying God, Allah or The Supreme Being as He Really Is. The Caucasian is a man that was given the right and authority to rule the world and all that he made from it. The Caucasian is a man who was produced from an idea of "what if"; meaning, the idea was INCOMPLETE, which made him take on said characteristics of the idea. In his (Caucasian's) attempt to rule the world he discovered that he was and is not the Ruler of the Earth, which made him to realize that there is a higher and a Supreme Knowledge than what he is capable of producing. Therefore causing him to rationalize the possibility of a Supreme Being.

The overwhelming evidence of such an intelligent force or being caused him to bring forth the name referring to this Source or Being as "God" -- One that has gone ahead or is ahead of him in the make of all things that are real. The Caucasian is a man made from man, not from nature, and this is why he had to be given the right and authority to exercise power over the world. The maker of him did not live long enough to see the fullness of His Idea, and the fullness of His Idea did not see the Author of its maker, which produced a myriad of questions unable to be answered, causing the Caucasian to develop a theory of this Superior Being or Force.

This scenario is a perfect opportunity for the Caucasian to exercise his right and authority to name and rename all that he had a will to do and enforce his will on the world in such a way that in time 9/10ths of the planet was being swayed to use what he calls God or The Supreme Being through HIS eyes. For many years Time was in his favor, causing many to accept his theory without proof. Time, now, has taken a turn because of the coming of or presence of this Being called "God", who is producing shockwaves of tremendous disbelief because of the engrained flaw of God's identity fed to the people by the Caucasian.

The Man that really IS God as a People has the greatest problem with this change because of his fear of the Caucasian and his rule. Unwilling to yield and give away to the changing time and the Presence of the Original Creator makes His Time the same as the Caucasian's time -- which is now up. There are many ways that the Caucasian must be shown that the Blackman is God which must come FROM the Blackman.

Number one: after being thoroughly indoctrinated spiritually, mentally and physically the Caucasian and the Blackman must show the power in changing his thinking which conforms with the rhythm of the Earth and not the world. Then he must produced Unity with himself without someone giving it to him, and from there everything else that is needed to be self-sufficient and independent of any other source other than Nature itself. No excuse can be allowed, for failure in taking back the Rulership of the Planet.

A key to remember is that the Caucasian was GIVEN the right to rule, and he accepted no excuses in said process. And we, being the giver, will not accept any excuses in our rise. To add a little more substance as evidence to this post, read "Message to the Blackman" by Elijah Muhammad on the making of the devil (Caucasian). Do not delay. The earlier the better for both parties -- Black and White -- and remember, check the Time.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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