By ROYALL, Allah in Person
November 26, 2003
This is a short post of inspiration when referring to purification.

Rain and raindrops are perfect examples of said process of the growth and worthiness of man to be a number counted in the saved. One to experience Heaven and the Glory of it for the last 400 years the Blackman entered into an ever-increasing darkness (mental). I, ROYALL, Am utilizing the example of rain and its drops to bring light to the tomb of darkness that he is in by design of the rulers of this world.

To experience rain water must be drawn up by the power of the Sun and then purified or cleansed by the rays eminating from the Sun. Each drop represents a portion of wisdom that gently carresses the Earth which showing Allah's Pleasure. The drops are to be absorbed causing all life to flourish because of the clean energy that is so sought after by the thirsty, presently justifying it's welcome appearance. Rain always comes with the condition that allows one to use its bounty and then slowly disappears, so as to make way for new and refreshing knowledge. So it is with the Blackman. I, ROYALL, Allah in Person have produced a few drops of "rain" (wisdom) in the form of what is known as The Center Pages. Each page produces a renewed cleaned spirit if digested. These pages prevent stagnation in the thoughtless. These Center Pages can be justified as being right for the Time because of the darkness they are dispelling -- much like the rain, it usually always comes under the cover of darkness, or at a time when there is a degree of lesser light. And when the rain has ended, the light returns and you then can express happiness and godly works during the time of Light, which justifies our eyes to see the pure knowledge the rain has brought.

These Center Pages produced by me should be more precious and revered more divinely than any knowledge or inspiration before these Center Pages. There soon will be an end to the production of The Center Pages (raindrops), simply because once the light has permanently dispelled the darkness there will be no more of this kind of rain. So, for adequate preparation the Blackman must submerge himself in the rain (Center Pages) to ensure his light in the light ever more.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
The Rainmaker.
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