In the World, Not of It
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
December 13, 2003
In the world but not of it is a statement made by many spiritual and religious persons, which in essence amounts to wishful thinking. In fact, it is impossible to realize or to experience said condition without Allah (God) being physically Present in producing the necessary opportunity for one to experience being "in the world, but not of it".

For the past 50,000 years there has been an ongoing experiment to make negative or the expression of wrong the order of the day. And, as usual at the end of an experiment one experiences the highest intensity of said experiment. So much so that we are forewarned of said intensity by this single statement in prophesy: "born in sin, and baptized in iniquity." Meaning you are born in full-blown activity of sin, and then you are systematically taught how to be a good sinner -- which makes it impossible for one not to be a part of the sinful activity of the World. The statement of being "in the world, but not of it" only became a statement to acknowledge after the sending of Prophets and the raising of The Messenger -- which at best forewarned the present world of a New Order brought in to replace the present system of sin.

The warning of the changing of rulers sent by God caused many people to express the will to abandon the practices of the present world only to find it impossible to change the actions of their teaching without God Himself (Allah). Being the New Teacher, Protector, and Provider of a place for the new teaching to be experienced since Allah -- God accepts no partners. This being True makes the statement "in the world but not of it" one of the most in vain statements uttered from man. This statement is so impossible to achieve that there is no need to give examples because all one can think and do is of this world, with bits and pieces of righteousness attached to their conscience, causing some to think that they are not of this world, although being in it.

Remember, after being taught and trained how to think from childhood to adulthood, there is no changing from said training, making the statement true. So, "as a man thinketh, so is He." I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, am changing the thinking of man and producing the support for its success. Without the power and the ability to produce said results, there can be no change, and the result will be total destruction for all.

So give yourself a little time to see and accept the new idea and its expression presented from Me before making a hasty decision to disregard Me and what I Am Doing. Keep in mind, to produce a change the thinking is the first to be changed. The doorway to be in the world but not of it is produced only from God Himself.

Royall, Allah in Person.
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