Angels, Part I
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
December 27, 2003
Living in a world of uncertainty made and developed by the enemy of Truth has produced an overwhelming need for the term "hope" (wishful thinking).

The world of mankind has produced in many of its citizens an unworthiness to dialogue with God, so in turn they seek the attention of "an angel", a supposedly angelic being that carries just as much mystery as God (their "supposed to be" employer). I, Royall, Being the Saviour, Am constantly bombarded with magnified fictitiousness by the enemy of Truth's (Caucasian) imagination expressed by the Blackman -- the one in the most need to be saved.

It has been stated, rightfully so, that a little knowledge is dangerous. This is certainly true with the followers of The Messenger (Elijah Muhammad). They have taken the message at face value, and that is where they stopped. The clear evidence of this is their inability to unite, simply because of their lack of knowledge of the simple things. For example, the meaning and reality of "Angel", which is believed, by the followers of The Messenger to suddenly appear at some given time in the future, to administer the promised Destruction spoken about in The Message, which makes it hard for one to be saved with that kind of thinking.

When dealing with matters of Divinity the descriptive term describing the fractions, or attributes, must be known and understood, especially in the English language. For example: what is an Angel? Where do they come from? How does one become an Angel? How close are Angels to God? And, when does God utilize an Angel? How or when does one know they have encountered an Angel? These questions must be answered precisely and mathematically if one expects to be intelligently saved. For the record, Angels are PEOPLE that have submitted themselves to the Nature of Righteousness and are able to be moderately inspired by the Scientists -- the Natural Rulers of the planet.

The more effective an Angel is depends upon the personal attention given to them by one or more of the Ruling Scientists, therefore making the Angel the "third party" or "person", which lessens the effect of their teaching or inspiration coming from The Supreme Being by way of the Scientists. In short, "Ang" means "three, or third" -- "gel" represents the body or slowness, lessening the effect from the origin of their inspiration.

It would be wise not to overlook the simple knowledge shared concerning angels. Just look at the words and you may see the difficulty that I have in producing Gods out of a people who see Angels more Divine than they ever hoped to be! Blackman, and especially the followers of The Messenger -- time is steady, and steady passing away for one to grasp the reality of what is and must be. Remember Blackman, I, Royall -- Allah in Person -- Am Making Gods, canceling out the need for making Angels.

Study the Center Pages and the current events in the House of God (Nation of Islam) and the world of mankind and see if you can find a way out of this destruction other than The United Nation of Islam, Spiritually Headed by Me. Remember, I, Royall, Am making Gods -- not Angels. Your salvation lies in your own hands. Accept it or leave it alone.

Royall, Allah in Person
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