Angels, Part II
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
January 6, 2004
The discussions generated from Angels, Part I, dictates further clarity on this subject. "Angel", as described by this world (Webster's dictionary) reads as such: a supernatural being; a guiding influence; a financial backer. This description of "Angel" is produced and accepted readily by the enemy of Truth (Caucasian) because the ruler of this world has never seen their father in His Glory or Power.

They have always seen the Original man being ruled by them. So outside of the clinical and Mathematical evidence that the Blackman is their Father, there is no physical action -- especially from the Blackman in North America -- that gives power to the evidence of the Blackman being the Father of Creation. This fact has caused the Caucasian to "theorize" on God and the many different expressions of God -- "Angels" being one of the expressions.

The term "supernatural being" (translates to be "angelic") takes one off into the idea of something unable to be explained. Keep in mind this is all brought about because the Caucasian has never seen God -- his Father -- as he really is, therefore the base for developing any definites is not there. When looking at some of the ways that "Angel" is used or described it should become very simple to draw a direct conclusion -- such as "Lucifer" was an Angel kicked out of heaven. Malcolm X, an "Angel" that fell from heaven taking a third of the other angels with him.

These are people, not angelic "beings". Take for example: Allah came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and raised Elijah Muhammad as His Messenger. Elijah being the second one from God is a Messenger, not an "Angel". However, his son Wallace -- an Angel of destruction. Minister Louis, a greater angel of destruction -- both of the later are "third from Allah" in the person of Master Fard Muhammad -- nothing spooky if understood.

All "Angels" are people whether good or bad. All consciously righteous people can be full-time angels. Others may be utilized to act the part temporarily such as someone you know is not an angel and their behavior bears witness, and at a crucial time in your experience of life, they share with you exactly what is needed as though they are not in control of what they share. Nevertheless that is the act of an Angel.

There are many other things that can be shared which adds substance to the subject that will not be placed here, rather in the Classes that are set up by Me, Royall, Allah in Person, for the purpose of guiding you into all Truth -- which unlocks the mind and sets you free.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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