By ROYALL, Allah in Person
January 11, 2004
"Opportunity" is a word that represents a positive permission that could be referred to as "golden" to the one that takes advantage of said word and its meaning. "Opportunity" is a word that represents the opening of a door whether real or imaginary which allows a person or persons to be in harmony or in tune with the bounty that is waiting to render itself to the taker of said opportunity.

Opportunity for the Blackman in North America has been and still is an experience seldom lived by him, so much so that he -- The Blackman -- is well-acquainted with the saying "opportunity knocks once in a lifetime." Living with this unexpected reality produces hopelessness which is very apparent in the life and behavior of the Blackman here in North America. In fact, opportunities are a constant occurrence with the wide-awake man. The enemy of Truth constantly takes advantage of opportunities to the point of rejecting some which bears witness that he (the enemy of Truth) is wide-awake, however he has purposely kept the Blackman asleep or "dead" in his thinking. This present condition poses a difficult problem for God and the enemy of Truth. The Blackman has become a dead weight on the Caucasian here in North America as a result of his imposed blindness. The Blackman has been brought to such a low state of worthlessness and an aggravation to the wide-awake man that the idea of annihilation or complete genocide of us -- as a people here in North America -- is an idea that rings sweeter and sweeter in the mind of the ruler that it is almost 100 percent acceptable by him (the ruler). This certainly is a problem that only Allah can solve if it is to be solved.

Saving the Blackman from this inevitable fate is made very difficult by him (THE Blackman) simply because the opportunity offered to him to begin to achieve it is not sanctioned by the world he is used to, therefore he rejects it.

I, Royall, Allah in Person, Am Offering a developed System to magnify for the Salvation of the Blackman if he accepts the opportunity in a timely manner. Part of the Promise that is made in the divine "Message to the Blackman" is the Promise of big fields for the wide-awake Blackman to work out in. Once this process of working out is employed, the actions or motions of the work-out will lead to endless opportunities which will redeem and place the Blackman back in his rightful position as The Ruler of the Planet.

The key is all opportunities for this scenario must be for the resurrection for the fallen ruler (Blackman), and he must take advantage of this Divine Opportunity for the purpose of being in tune with this "golden" opening that is being presented.

Accept it, or expect the inevitable (the enemy's plan).

Royall, Allah in Person
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