Supporting Black
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
February 9, 2004
Supporting Black is no more than an often-repeated slogan. Successfully supporting Black is as far from reality as the reality of Santa Claus. The present ruler who has presented numerous impossibilities for us -- the Blackman -- to "accomplish" is an age-old trick that keeps us chasing after the carrot which always appears just a step away. The Caucasian is a master in presenting scenarios laced with firm resolution, which always traps his prey. However, the term "supporting Black" is a term deeply rooted in the subconscious of the Original Man here in North America which causes him to be very selective in what he will support.

Supporting Black is an impossibility simply because Black is independent; it needs no "support". It supports all OTHER colors. When the Blackman expresses a will to be right then the power in Black will support him. However, the ushering in of a system that is right and magnifies right can be supported. The supporting of Black as we now know it is the support of our open enemy -- the Caucasian. He (the Whiteman) is the maker and the issuer of all that we are accustomed to -- except Truth.

The Blackman has been out of the attribute of Creating so long that he finds it almost impossible to return to such needed practice. It is very difficult to have a conversation concerning Creation and/or Nature without the Blackman thinking that you are speaking about "history", and all of the history that you can search and find bears witness that the Caucasian expressed more power and is talked about more than the past. In order for us as a People to survive the Divine curse that is put on Time and the rulers of said Time we must get back into PRODUCING for ourselves that which makes us Independent of any other people -- and that is not "racism". The Blackman is the Maker and Owner of all things that are real and the made man has a history of the misuse of our making. And we as a people never raise up against them because up until now, we were Divinely Ordered "to leave them be." Now is the time that we are Divinely Ordered to go into motion for our own Independence and that will not happen as long as we are trying to support Black instead of MAGNIFYING RIGHT.

More to Come,

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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