Being A Minister
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
February 27, 2004
Being a minister is an often-sought-after position by many, many people. The position of Minister is a position that allows one to administer the essence of his sender. The experience of being a minister causes one to act as a parent, teacher, and/or guide with the feeling of authority, There are several different entities that are represented by ministers. However, a spiritual minister is more vital and needed than all that exists.

Being a spiritual minister did not truly exist until the coming of Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad in the year 1930. Allah, at that time, raised up Elijah Poole as His Minister, to represent Him, which changed the whole climate of the reality of what a minister is and what he could do. All ministers before then (and that are still Christian ministers) administered the theory and history of their religious beliefs. That practice only produced more questions than answers because their ministry was and is not from the essence of Nature nor its Creator.

The absence of such minister has produced a justified need for spiritual ministers. I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, the Essence of such needed ministry, have produced and am developing The United Nation of Islam -- a place free of corruption and confusion where all activity is based on the essence of Life and its many characteristic expressions. To be a minister in The United Nation of Islam one must know the origin of Allah, The Creator; they must know the history and prophesy of the behavior of man and mankind; they must find it easy to possess and share in a magnified way the spirit of Allah; their delivery must awaken the Nature of the righteous, and alarm the nature of the wicked which will make either party ready and prepared for their final destination.

A minister in The UNOI must share his gift of ministering in a mathematical way, leaving the blessed or damned free of the minister's person. He also must be balanced and fearless because of the Author and authority he represents. All ministers because of the Truth and freedom that they share no form of payment is allowed outside of the reward that Allah Blesses them with to ensure the purity of the ministry. All ministers must have a thorough knowledge of the past, present and future. This allows divine growth without taking backward steps in the growth and development of The United Nation of Islam.

We are now in the morning of the year 2004, and I, ROYALL, have produced many ministers bearing the said qualities stated above. So whenever you find yourself in their presence take full advantage of the bounty stored up in them for you. Remember, the need of spiritual ministers must be met until there is no more need.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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