Divine Judgment
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
March 7, 2004
Judgment is a decision based on the now, or present, that must be in harmony with the past, present AND the future. There are many, many judges in the world, and we as Black people have encountered them all. If We, the Blackman in North America, would take the process of judging more seriously we would find that we are better served in the way of experiencing a fuller and more peaceful life.

Judging is a process built in Nature that most people misuse or abuse, mainly due to personalism or selfishness. Judgment is so natural that seldom does it come to mind that we are using it, because it is utilized in everything that we do. Judgment is one of the most feared activities or attributes of man and mankind. Today, the world is so wicked that the so-called "civilized man" is trying to find ways to justify living in the attribute of Mercy "permanently" -- perpetually avoiding payment for his behavior. Out of all that is stated above, Judgment can only be applied to motion, starting from thought, and what it produces, or what can be counted.

Divine Judgment is the most absolute Judgment of them all. This is a Judgment that Man and mankind have taken for granted because of its gradual application, always causing the person to think or feel that he can always avoid the outcome, which is usually posted or prophesied. However, Time has become so short and narrow that the promised results in some cases is almost instant. The world of mankind has led the original man in North America into a perpetual cycle of sin to the point of being unable to be counted, which produced a problem that only God can solve. In order for the Blackman to exist he must be accountable. To accomplish God's Will in this matter, He personally prepared a few individuals which are titled "Messenger" and/or Minister. Their duties were and are to make the unaccountable, accountable, and at the end of the allotted time the Divine Judgment is placed on them first because they were made accountable by God Himself.

The Nation of Islam is well-known to be the origin and place where this Divine preparation was made. The leader or guardian of this Divine process is being judged, first and because of his poor-to-no representation of Allah and his divinity to the people of Allah the penalty or chastisement is very grim for the leader of the Nation of Islam. For the past 14 years there has been no greater formidable enemy to Allah than this Minister. He has squandered the Time allotted for Mercy, making it virtually impossible to regain the favor that caused him to be. And, remember, these are matters of The Divine, and whatever the Decision rendered cannot be influenced or changed by anyone. It is irrevocable because it is from The Supreme Being.

Judging is so important to the Supreme Being that a warning is placed in prophesy that reads: "Judge not lest ye be judged."

Think over this.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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