Making Decisions
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
April 13, 2004
Due to the time or the lack of it decisions that must be made are useless without making the first decision that corresponds with the time of Allah and what must be done.

In The Message delivered to the Blackman by Elijah Muhammad -- The Messenger of Allah -- this time that we are now in is referred to in The Message as "The Days of Allah", so all decisions should be based on or have at its base Allah and His Activities.

I, Being Allah, Am constantly confronted with the mistaken concept of "what a man is" and "what a man does" (which in effect is merely the rehearsal of the slavemaster?s teaching). Today, All Blackmen, especially if they are alive and alert, must abandon the idea of the phrase "I am my own person", and "I am to be true to myself". This expression is no better than saying "my word is bond" when you have created or made nothing that gives support to the statement. The Blackman?s motion is laced with circumstance, most of which he is not in control of, so he has no word he can make bond.

Today, believe it or not, a whole people (idea) must be destroyed, and another whole people and idea must be born into the light and to the reality of Allah and His Will. Now, the Brothers who are with Me and have gained much knowledge should refrain from the suggested meaning of what man is and is to do. An excellent way to tell if one is ready for manhood is to check the number of questions he has without answers. Since these are The Days of Allah, we can safely say that remembering Allah is better than prayer. The feeling and yearning for independence by Nature comes up into Brothers that I am making Gods, however I am not making individual men before the Blackman as a whole is made a man ? and this is the greatest sacrifice that a man of knowledge must perform.

Remember the scripture where it reads that the wise man gave an order for all men and mankind to wait, for they "are waiting too", indicating that they had no interest in becoming a big "I". We will be one, as a People, or nothing at all, so I repeat: the making of men is a task that only one Man can fulfill, and that is The Man that has Answers and NO questions!

All Men before me that came in the capacity of Divine never produced a man outside of Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad producing Me. The only production was from the Whiteman, reducing us down to Negroes/"niggers" -- the only way that could have been achieved because no one knew what he was going to do, and the twelve or so that did, kept it a secret. So it is with Me, Allah in Person. No one KNOWS what or how I am achieving my Will. Even the ones that possess vision for 25,000 years in advance closed their book of writing at the 15,000th year. Remember Blackman, it is somewhat difficult to possess the knowledge that I am sharing which you are not fully understanding of, for oft-times you revert to asking a female -- whereby complicating your decision-making since she is neither a man or a God.

Time REALLY is at hand, and the man that is going out is going out with a BIG bang. My advice is not to get caught up in the repercussions -- where I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am Here as your passage way out! So look me up in The United Nation of Islam as your escape route. This way you will be at the beginning of everlasting life, rather than dying with a fading morning star.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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