By ROYALL, Allah in Person
April 23, 2004
Trust is an attribute of Allah that has all but been abandoned. Because of the loyalty and steadfastness in performing the Truth in all of men's doings it has become a thing of the past -- to the point of being punished for even attempting for one to perform this duty to said attribute by the present world of mankind.

Lies and deception are such an epidemic that Truth seems to have no power to survive. The reality of this scenario is so gripping that even Heaven is suffering from confusion. The man of sin that is the god of this scenario has reached his zenith, which in fact he has paralyzed all intelligent life-forms, rendering them unable or incapable of breaking his wicked cycle. This proves to be a perfect opportunity for the Creator of Truth -- Allah, The Supreme Being -- to make His appearance, and as much as man and mankind are forever calling on Allah, they have no real connection to Him simply because He is the Truth -- that which they have been avoiding.

Today, everything and everybody is at war because of Allah, The Supreme Being, making His Presence Known. Even in the Nation of Islam -- which Allah is the Author of -- has become a haven for liars and wrongdoers because of the fear expressed by the leader, that Truth has no power over falsehood or the man of sin, causing the statement to be true concerning confusion in Heaven at the Last Day. Any thinking person that reads this Center Page should be able to see clarity in the position of the righteous and unrighteous. Since this scenario justifies the coming of God, then only God can solve this problem and He is not to be swayed by the opinion of man and mankind who are unable to bring peace to said scenario. There have been many, many thoughts and ideas from all walks of life that have failed to make a dent in said problem -- in fact, they have magnified or multiplied the problem. The Will of Allah, God, is to usher in the system of right while eliminating the system of wrong. And the first thing that I, Allah, Must do is to establish Trust, and this takes more than a few years -- especially starting off in the pit of Hell where even the righteous have taken Satan on as a partner, and expect me, Allah in Person, to do the same.

Trust is established by keeping your word, especially if the other person with whom the word is given is genuinely trying to keep theirs. However, trying to judge God according to your own opinions and thinking prolongs the time of relief of said misery. I, Being The Truth, am unable to accept other than Truth, especially in the process of Judging. I, Royall, Allah in Person, am being forced to use Nature and its Power to whip the creator of Nature (Blackman) to realize and accept his duty as BEING creator. However, it has become abundantly clear that this effective method must be employed. The unwillingness to accept right and its process will keep trust at an unreasonable distance if said measures are not put in place.

The Time is at Hand.

ROYALL, Allah in Person

P.S. In order to get full, verbal clarity of this Center Page, order the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma tape on April 25, 2004 entitled "Trust", or call 1.800.331.7668.
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