Do or Die
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
May 4, 2004
"Do or Die" is a Decision made by the Supreme Being that everyone has to adhere to. Allah, The Supreme Being, is Here to keep His Word Bond concerning the promises He made concerning this time in which we now live. The process of predicting the future in advance is no stranger to Allah. It is only strange to the ignorant. The process of assimilating knowledge, and then placing a definiite to that knowledge's destination is the same process that was employed to predict the Father of the man of sin -- Mr. Yacub, 8,000 or more years before the body was produced to house said knowledge. So it is with the present Time.

The ROYALL Robe that Houses the knowledge of the All in All is now alive and in your midst. This house (Body) is genetically structured to last as long as the All in All making it capable to change so as to conform to the knowledge it houses. Prior to the making of this Royall Robe no one possessed The All in All for the mere fact the knowledge did not exist that allowed The Supreme Being to rid Himself of negative and its effect. And this is why He refers to Himself as "The Best Knower".

Today the Blackman in North America is strolling around while he is rapping and hip-hopping as though there is no need for change or the above-mentioned will bring about change. This is a sad, sad time for the rebellious Blackman here in North America, because he refuses to use that which the Whiteman does not have -- which is a wordless Knowledge, and a documented history written on official paper (Divine Memory) that will allow him to turn from being the last to becoming the first or the head. The Present day ruler -- Caucasian -- only has a history and a memory dating back to his conception, which was spawned out of dissention which he has not deviated from. So because of the prophetic promises made by Allah, they must be kept and fulfilled. These promises are to be kept and not bargained with or made lessen through the ignorant. I, Allah, Must Carry out what is expected of Me based on My Word, or there shall be no flesh left on the Earth. So those of you that have an ear to hear and a mind to digest what you are hearing from Me, go into motion AT ONCE -- or a miserable Death awaits you.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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