Casualties and Fatalities
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
May 15, 2004
Casualties and Fatalities is an unwanted reality that must be thoroughly addressed to avoid their consequences.

Today, in the world of sin, almost everything offered to magnify life ends up being disagreeable to Life, which, in fact, magnifies man's current misery. This behavior of misery practiced by the world was seen many years ago by the Prophets, and the ENDING of said behavior was also seen. The process used to end the old and usher in The New was and is called The War of Armageddon.

This War of Armageddon is so thorough that it affects everything known and unknown. There must be nothing left of the old, not even the size of an atom that will be accepted in the new. This War is progressing so gradually and evenly that it makes it hard to determine that a war is even being waged.

This takes time before it becomes apparent that we are IN a war. However, the 40-year Message has been given, and a 10-year period of time was used to re-trumpet said Message. Casualties and Fatalities can only be counted from the ones that literally accepted to go to war because of said Message. All others cannot be counted. In The Message the Casualties and Fatalities are described as rusty locks, and poison and rusty locks. Many of the rusty locks have become casualties because of their inability or unwillingness to advance on the battleground (War). These are followers of The Messenger that are unable to see THE FULNESS of The Message. Their behavior is very sluggish to the point of being somewhat archaic, however they can be saved and be productive IF enough penetrating oil saturates their rust.

On the other hand the fatalities are the poisoned and rusty locks. They are the ones that have followed a poisoned doctrine administered to them by the False Prophet -- the son of The Messenger known as Wallace, or Warith Deen Muhammad -- this doctrine is so poisoned that it does not allow one to recover from said poison, therefore producing fatalities in this War of Armageddon.

Today there is even a larger number of fatalities produced by one man. This man is more of an enemy in the War of Armageddon than the false prophet. He has not only helped to seal the death of the Registered Muslims of The Messenger, he remains in the seat of The Messenger and from that position he turned hypocrite and reached out and killed the babies that had not yet learned that they are in a Divine War. This man who allowed himself to be consumed by the poison of greed, selfishness, personalism, vengeance, jealousy, and envy has killed nearly a whole Nation of people uncaringly due to the blindness that the poison has produced. The casualties and fatalities that the prophets and hypocrite has produced has not, nor will it determine the victor of this war. It only shows that Allah shows no favoritism because of the result of his intended Will. Allah and The Righteous will be Victorious over the said practice of the world and the fatalities of The Message.

Minister Louis Farrakhan has done all that can be done in the way of producing death for the Nation of Islam. The best one can see at the date of this writing, or shortly after, is the rallying of a dying man (Nation). However, My Will, Will Be Done. I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Am Here to See the defeat of an enemy, and the Victory of The Righteous. I Will not stop until My Will is Achieved, and that is for the first time in Creation to live a Perfect Life.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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