Louis Farrakhan's War Tactics
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
May 17, 2004
Because of the popularity of Minister Farrakhan generated from the time of The Messenger, giving him the name of "Farrakhan", to the year of 1989 in the month of September, his works were so pronounced that he would never be able to escape the name of "Farrakhan". All Muslim followers of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad were made aware of the importance of a name. And since the first impression is the lasting, "Farrakhan" is the name we were acquainted with first because of the faithful duty he performed for The Messenger of Allah.

Louis never fits in the equation as being important because of its inferior meaning. So, with all due respect, a better and more accurate title for this post is: "Louis' War Tactics Against Allah". For clarity, the name "Louis" means "lost" which made it impossible for him to operate in that name during the time of The Messenger's presence as the National Representative because the wisdom of the Messenger would not allow it, justifying the name "Farrakhan", which means: "fire may come and go" -- an attribute or presence that was most certainly needed to qualify being the National Spokesman for the Messenger of Allah – “full of Fire”. Since it was Farrakhan qualified to help the Messenger, it makes it equally impossible for him to associate himself to the character of Louis in the meaning of said name.

Farrakhan was relieved of his duty and responsibility just before The New Book presented itself to Minister Louis. The shock of that event bore witness to the meaning of "Louis"; for the first time he found himself inadequate to deal with or give respect to the Divine Presence of this New Book. He then decided to cover-up or hide the grave error he had made by deciding to wage war against this Book. This is where the name "Farrakhan" is used to trick the Nation of followers and believers since it was he that was left in the seat until The Messenger's Return -- causing the Nation to be unaware of the change of MINDSET from Farrakhan to Louis, making the behavior of Louis "believable", regardless as to how strange it may be.

Now for the tactics:

1. Get rid of all Muslim followers of The Messenger that knew as much or more than he.
2. Make himself attractive to the youth by pretending to champion their cause.
3. Appear to be against the Whiteman and his government while being backed by the power of the Divine.
4. Prepare the masses to fight for him because he is championing their cause.
5. Make it believable that he is the only one.
6. Paralyze anyone else that may be effective that is trying to do what The Messenger taught for us as a people.
7. Gain a monopoly in the communications system to silence anyone else's voice other than his by the use of mafia tactics in the vision of the Ku Klux Klan.

The list of tactics goes on. The fear that caused Louis to develop said tactics started because of a promise being KEPT -- made to Farrakhan by The Messenger, that The New Book would be revealed through him at his return, with conditions. Fear of The New Book has caused Louis to develop many tactics of war for the purpose of coming against this New Book, hoping to kill the presence of this Book before it became known. These are some of the personal tactics used by Louis and his officials to subdue and cancel out this New Book -- especially in the minds of his followers.

By using some of the knowledge shared with him from some of the pages of The Book, after he had twisted it. Such as The Book "going to the Sun at night"; describing The Books' status in life as being "only a truck driver". Forbidding all of his followers 'not to see, read or listen' to anything coming from this Book. Forming the lies, making them believable based on the behavior of the world, causing the followers and believers to view The Book as an enemy that must be dealt with at all costs. Under his instruction, he has caused his believers and followers to be ready for an attack from This Book in the attempt to take the Temple, Mosque Maryam, everything that Allah would NOT do, he is making it seem as though This Book is trying TO do, which in fact lessens the value of life in the minds of his followers for this Book, leaving them poised to kill a supposedly 'crazy man'; however the Wisdom of this Book kept His word, which was given to Minister Louis, and that was he would wait until the lies run its course, which is now easily seen.

Now out of all of Minister Louis' posturing, tricks and lies he has not done as much for the Blackman as Martin Luther King. There are no laws changed for us -- Blackman -- because of him. There are no, and I mean NO conditions of life made easier for us because of his presence. The unwanted end for the liar and the victims of the lie has now made its presence. There is no man greater than the Laws and Principles of Creation and the method to employ them, so all followers will lose their life posturing themselves as followers, rather than practicing Truth in the system of it.

Remember blind devilish leaders will lead you straight to hell and the fire of it.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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