Dreadful, Dreadful, Dreadful!
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
May 27, 2004
This post is a short reminder to man and mankind, of the ever-increasing misery that this Day brings.
The die for increasing misery has been set, however each person has the power and/or ability to limit or minimize the misery they will experience. Just for the mere fact that man and mankind are being warned indicates “choice”, and because of this there will be no excuse or exception to escape the rewards of their choice. However, the present condition of the poor Blackman that refuses to elevate himself out of his stupor of ignorance will suffer the most.
Today, it takes a willingness to be intelligent and especially about Allah and His Will. The importance of said above should not be glossed over in an attempt to belittle the knowledge, because you are unable to think as Allah Thinks. The knowledge and actions expressed by Allah should be a magnet to the remaining followers of The Messenger, however most of The Messenger’s followers have accepted the Message as “law”, which in fact is only a Message, inviting one TO The Law, and The Message has a sender which was delivered by a second party. This process has confused many followers between what is to happen and how it is to happen. This confusion no one has escaped unless and until I, Allah, Show and Teach the “HOW”. One will never know how to avoid the dreadful.
There is no need for Me to go to the Government or threaten them because it would be redundant and a great showing of weakness. In these finals days of judgment, I am not allowed to show favoritism, although I came after the Blackman because of his ability to express an agreeable will that CAN marry mine. However, do not be fooled into believing that I want you because of your Blackness. I, Being Allah, Am Keeping my Promise. The Destruction is taking place and advancing Day by Day.
All of the components of the destruction refuse to disobey me, from allowing the Caucasian to think his way into the abyss of confusion, to giving the submissive Blackman a New Mind, elevating him into perfect clarity. One must remember the Kingdom is being taken without hands and at the completion of said process who will rule the taken kingdom? It will be the submissive, righteous, Blackman – the hardheaded, stiff-necked and rebellious people will be a thing of the past. Before the finality of said scenario takes place, there must be a showing from the new rulers that they are capable of producing the necessities of life for themselves or there will be no way to show their worthiness of said kingdom.
I, ROYALL, Allah in Person am providing the opportunity for this great showing to be made. And for all of those to whom it may concern, I need no permission from anyone to keep My Promise. It is you that need to know what the promise is, and come with Me to find out how it is being carried out (or fulfilled).
Remember, anything less than submission will certainly produce the dreadful, Dreadful, D-R-E-A-D-F-U-L – an experience you really don’t want.
ROYALL, Allah in Person
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