The Unforgivable Sin
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 2, 2004
There are many sins committed constantly by Man and mankind. They are constantly breaking the Law of Nature in the divine order of things. Although the wages of sin is death, that consequence puts no fear in the sinner or law-breaker. The current activity of the world is so far away from the Natural Order of things that committing sin is an expected reality. The current ruler and influencer of the world has super-imposed his rule in the minds of Men over the Natural Laws of Creation. This practice has made the world and especially the so-called American Negro more fearful of the present ruler than of the Creator and His Wrath.

This practice must change. Allah Himself is present and is making Himself known. Being fearful of a bully when your Father is not home is understandable; however upon the arrival of the Father fear of another man is unacceptable from his children. There must be a showing from the Father on the bully that causes said bully to submit, or at least move to another area because of the fear of the power of the Father. This is now happening with the open enemy and a few of our people (the Blackman). Mercy from Allah has contributed greatly towards the practice of said scenario.

The attitude of most people; view mercy as a form of weakness when actually it is issued from a base of strength or power. In the process of Me, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Making Myself known, I have utilized the attribute of Mercy more than all the other attributes. Now, I must somewhat abandon that practice and begin causing the Blackman and the followers of The Messenger of Allah -- Elijah Muhammad -- to know the difference in breaking a rule, as opposed to breaking the Divine Law. It is becoming more and more noticeable that insanity and cancer have dramatically increased especially with The Original Man. This is due to the enforcing of the Law by Me and the Scientists.

However, there is one sin that is unforgivable, and that is to accept Allah and reject The Messenger, or vice versa. This poses a severe problem for the followers of The Messenger. They claim to accept Allah's Messenger while at the same time rejecting Me, Allah in Person! This is unforgiveable. It makes it impossible for Me to accept or bless any follower that commits this sin. Likewise, for the ones that accept me and reject The Messenger. This is a scenario that requires serious study simply because the followers of The Messenger saw him and did not see Master Fard Muhammad. Now, the New ones that are with Me never saw The Messenger, however both parties must accept Me and The Messenger, the one that I have brought back EQUALLY, or forgiveness cannot be issued because when you see one, you see the other, We are twins in the Idea and the magnification of it. If more clarity is needed, call this number: 1.800.331.7668.

Remember, practicing this rejection is the only thing that will make me reject you.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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