The Keepers of Hell
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 11, 2004
The set of facts presented in this post amount to a sad state of affairs for the rise of the Blackman. I, Being Allah, and those that are with Me are bombarded with opposition from those that We Love, and claim to "love" us. The parents and relatives of those who seek a New and Divine Way of Life are engaged in a practice that no other people participate in. To this very date we are unable to find where any race of people fight so hard to keep another race of people their superior except the Blackman here in North America.

There are many messages put in scripture to aid the Blackman in making the Right decision during the Time of the Great Change, such as "the last will be the first", "the tail will become the head", "the slave will become the rule", our people "losing their life for the lack of knowledge", "He, God, Makes all things New", and many, many more hints and clues that refer to this Day in which we now live. However, the Blackman has been so thoroughly baptized in the man of sin's knowledge and habits that it reaches all the way up to Heaven (the Nation of Islam). It has been thoroughly proven that the Blackman is The Original man (the first) and that he is the only one that can make a change from wrong to right. However from Minister Louis (the head of the Nation of Islam -- where change was expected to take place, has proven that he is the biggest keeper of Hell, right on down to our individual parents and relatives.

These individuals are so frightened of change because they are reflecting the fear of their baptizer, the Caucasian. The Whiteman is literally unable to accept the kind of change that must be made in this Day and Time because it cancels him out as being ruler, which eventually takes him out of existence -- a frightening reality expressed mainly by our people (Blackman) that are over the age of 35. The solution to the problem is also in prophesy since change is inevitable. Mercy from Allah is calculated in for the hard-headed, stiff-necked and rebellious Blackman that is fighting so hard to stop change.

According to scripture these rebellious people were given 40 years to die off, whereby ending the rebelliousness in every conceivable way performed against the Righteous. I, Being Allah, in My Own Person, am visiting Hell where organized filth is so pungent that it has turned even the trees to filth. Everything that represents Me, or Nature, is either critical or in intensive care because of intense filth. The Blackman, regardless to who he is in this country (North America) that opposes what I, Allah, Am Developing, has an incurable disease that only I can cure. It is a Divine sickness which causes one to be unable to accept or recognize Truth (Righteousness), which is a MUST if Freedom is ever to be EXPERIENCED. Fighting with all of your might to resist change is a sure death sentence. Just to move you out of the way so change can make its appearance.

Remember Blackman the promise made in prophesy. The change that is being brought is that in which no man has seen nor heard, or even conceived in his mind or heart, which makes this change totally New, leaving no room for ignorance in any form. The only way that Love will SERVE YOU in this Day and Time is that you apply it to Truth. Love of your parents and relatives mean nothing. They will still die the miserable death of the author of misery.

With all of the Love that is shown to Minister Louis, the leader of the Nation of Islam, it did not change his destiny with Death because of his refusal to give up his post as warden of Hell -- and this should be no surprise concerning the outcome of his behavior. God Himself instructed his Death to take place on top of Mount Hor under the name of Aaron, whom the people loved so dearly.

I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, Have been warning our people for some time now as to the shortness of Time, which means just before the End, as an attempt to show the hard-headed, stiff-necked and rebellious Blackman here in North America that the choice he must make is not debatable. I will cause this rebellious people to rally just before their Death, if Death is what they choose.

Think over this -- the Time is at hand.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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