The Desert
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
September 26, 2004
This post is for the thinker which will enlighten him in the rhythm of Life.

Desert is a word that can be described as "desirous", meaning that there is something that is wanted, hopelessly missing; making it very hard to fulfill the want. There are "deserts" of many kinds. Today, the greatest desert for the Blackman here in the wilderness of North America is the desert of understanding. Out of all of the knowledge that the Blackman has acquired understanding is the missing element that will give him power,

From 1975 to 1980 and then from 1989 to 1993 there was a spiritual desert after the departure of The Messenger, which produced the perpetuation of the longing for Allah and The Messenger, or at least their Spirit. However, from 1992 to the present date, I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, have been here on the scene replenishing the Blackman with the Spirit of Allah from Myself, thereby ending the conditions that produce said "desert". However, too many Black men here in North America are responding the same as if they were standing in a physical desert where when it rains, they expect for the sand to swallow up the water, making it impossible to produce vegetation. This is the expected nature of a desert; however Allah always shows His Power where He causes a spot in the desert to hold the water. Vegetation is produced, which is called an oasis, short for "O Allah!" So it is with the different Temples and Study Classes sprinkled over this country.

From the Time that Allah has been absent, He has always used the desert to represent His absence, knowing that no one could produce life in the desert except it be Him. Some other signs that may help one to understand are as follows:

The location of the pyramids, and their significance;
The location of the base of Eastern Islam (Mecca);
The birthplace of His Messenger -- Sandersville, GA
and lastly, at this time the home of Allah's physical growth for this time -- a place named San Domingo. So, now the righteous can rejoice because the conditions that produce desert have now been made a thing of the past by Me, ROYALL, Allah in Person.

Caution: Do not ignore the science in this post, thinking that you "know" Allah, when that is IMPOSSIBLE, because I have not been here to Teach you of Me, nor have the scientist interfered with the promise I made to the devil. The knowledge has been kept a secret between twelve men.

So think again before you render a decision that may cause you to miss the Oasis in the desert.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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