By ROYALL, Allah in Person
November 4, 2004
Fornication is the introduction of a system that is totally different or against the established behavior of a particular idea. The public in general is in a belief system that defines Fornication in a very limited way - mostly associating the loose act of sex being Fornication. This limit of general awareness of Fornication allows one to miss the real definition which causes a myriad of difficulties and problems which makes it hard to find a workable solution because the problem is always calculated in with the supposed solution -- always providing a platform for the acceptance of wrong.

Fornication in its purest form is Sin itself. The established Laws and Principles created by the Supreme Being are to be obeyed and or practiced. When a person or people try to bring in an Idea contrary to these Laws and Principles, they are committing Fornication in its highest form. I Royall, in the process of changing the reason for Fornication am fully aware of the dedication and difficulty in changing said condition. It speaks of in the Bible concerning Allah's people losing their lives for the lack of knowledge -- after knowledge was sent to them. This scenario is the full blown evidence of the effectiveness of the Man of Sin to the point of causing the Righteous to lose their life.

I Royall, Allah In Person am sharing knowledge freely to the masses and a higher knowledge to those who are with Me. The acceptance of the Knowledge will end the behavior of Fornication. However, the problem with the majority of civilization, they have an inaccurate description or definition of Knowledge. In order to have real Knowledge, one must be able to find the Definite and the Process of it before it can be considered Knowledge and it is always non-personal. I frequently receive requests for the writing of more Center Pages; showing that the Knowledge is being received. Now the appropriate action is expected before it reaches the point of losing your Life.

Those of you that claim to be the Messenger's Followers - especially the dedicated ones are rejecting the Knowledge in protest of my person - a clear sign of Fornication and no Fornicators will make it into the Hereafter. If you would refrain from your Fornication for a short while and absorb some of the knowledge, then the process of changing said condition would begin to take place. And remember, what you hear and see coming from Me is Me and not just Thought alone and this is why it is written as a man thinketh so is he. So by now it is easy to see my thoughts and ways are not that of yours or the Man of Sin - the Supreme Fornicator.
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