By ROYALL, Allah in Person
December 3, 2004
This post is a few words that are designed to bring clarity to the overwhelming and seemingly perpetual situation that the Righteous constantly endures. Struggle is a debilitating experience bordering on paralyzing one to the point of being unable to make progress. The world as it is known has reached its zenith in making any kind of progress; which brings the people of Allah (God’s Children) to the point of waging a divine struggle -- simply because of the presence of the Supreme Being.

Allah is making his presence known which brings about said struggle -- since the knowledge of Allah has been kept a secret and only the remembrance of His name was kept alive. No one is in the position to be exempt from struggle; even Allah Himself is in a struggle to make Himself known, even to His own people-- the Righteous. This struggle will continue until there is enough evidence to clear the thinking of the confused in said matter. Remember the saying, “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see”. This is a practice taught and enforced by the Open Enemy of Allah and Man. This practice is so ingrained that even when undeniable proof is presented, man looks past the evidence searching for the trick, missing the inevitable. I Royall, have been and am still experiencing this type of rebelliousness from he, whom I came to save.

The Whiteman has performed his duty so well that he has made my people hate truth and love falsehood. This problem is so severe that no one, including Elijah Muhammad, lived to see this practice defeated. So, now it gives the impression that Islam has no power to emerge as the champion in this struggle. However, this is the fallacy in the thinking of Man and Mankind to entertain the true reality of Islam as being too weak to overcome said scenario (struggle).

I Royall am constantly growing in proportion with the time that it takes to change the thinking of Man. This is a mercy from me foretold before I arrived – even to the point of bringing on the destruction in a gradual manner, always allowing room for change. The struggle for me being Allah is to discipline myself not to leave you. I being the future, knowing where I am going and taking you and the promise that I made to the Original Creator -- is the only thing that justifies my patience. Loneliness is something the world is familiar with because the absence of Allah automatically produces loneliness to the Wise.

There is a need generated from the power of Truth and Creation that requires a witness of the highest thinking order and I am frequently tempted by Satan to destroy Man and Mankind because of your seeming willingness to purposely ignore what is right and exact and the process of it.

There are a few things that I have shared publicly of the New that are now being used as proof of profound foolishness as though the mockers have knowledge to judge the future or hereafter. I have been and shall continue to bring the destruction on until it grips you to the point of no denial; an unpleasant situation for you and me. Today it is an unacceptable reality for you to give credit to another God for the things that are happening to Man and Mankind and think that you will be left alone in your error. I will not allow that; just for the mere fact of the error that you are committing – causing you to be unable to be right and exact – and this is not a question about what you “feel”, “believe” or “think”. With Me, struggle is what I permit, not what I must go through. I am fast approaching being 100 percent dissatisfied with the willful ignorance of the would be Righteous.

Think over this to the point of opening up your eyes and your mind will in turn minimize the struggle. 99% of the Black People here in North America are absolutely paralyzed by the habits that they practice from the training of their Slave Master.

Think, Think, Think.
Royall, Allah In Person.
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