Struggle, Part II
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
December 9, 2004
Struggle is a reality that all life must encounter regardless to its origin, moreso when said life manifests itself in the physical. The origin of struggle was made known when The Original God, Himself, began to experience opposing thoughts in which He was not the author of. From that time until now struggle has intensified to the point of being pronounced in its existence far more than pleasure.

Struggle is an expected reality ordained by Allah Himself. In a sense struggle is used to determine your love for right or lust for wrong. Today the world is ruled by Satan, the primary cause of struggle. All matter has a tendency or characteristic of being motionless unless acted upon by an outside force. In the world of mankind (devil) his greatest achievement as a people is always the boasting of killing and destroying, overbuilding, and bringing things together. This behavior is carried out with authority by the rulers of the world. This poses a tremendous problem for the creators and builders of RIGHTEOUSNESS. In this present scenario it always appears that the righteous are by themselves because of the weakness of others submitting to the activity of "if you can't beat them, then join them."

Now, today, we see the evidence of the so-called "righteous" countries, committing fornication with he -- the cause of the struggle. And now they are losing their lives trying to break the grip of their unrighteous union with Satan. However, today is a Great Day for the righteous because of the mere fact of Allah's physical presence here in the belly of Hell, where struggle to this degree usually amounts to a death sentence.

The age-old problem for the cause of struggle is now solved. Successful struggle is so important to Allah that He who overcomes such struggle is and shall be blessed for ever, never experiencing STRUGGLE with a demand attached to it. However this short period of time being used shall determine who is and was successful in said struggle. The outcome of a successful struggle literally makes the person stronger in every aspect of life.

In this world struggle makes champions; for the righteous, they are made Gods and Goddesses, eventually earning the RIGHT and the authority to eliminate struggle as it is known. Remember the saying: "after difficulty comes ease", and that is only promised to the one that is successful IN the struggle. For those of you in The United Nation of Islam and/or with Me, Royall, Allah in Person, struggle has all but been eliminated, leaving you free to develop to the point of having authority over the need FOR struggle

Remember -- I never allow one with Me to carry a burden more than what they chose. The journey that we have taken through these bloody seas is making us worthy and knowledgable to produce the Heaven that we seek. Remember, struggle is prescribed UNTIL there is no more need for said struggle.

Royall, Allah in Person
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