Being a Man
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
December 12, 2004

This post is intended to share knowledge which will give guidance to those who are seeking the real definition or behavior of a man versus a male. The definition of "man", given to us by mankind, cannot be used or accepted in the process of resurrecting Man. The Real Man has been here in North America for over 400 years and he has not been, nor is he as of yet, his real True Self. However the Real Man (Blackman) is a Created Man, and once a man, always a man.

The standard that mankind has set to determine who is man is based on a job -- very superficial. There are many males that have made jobs and have jobs who are not considered men. This loose interpretation of what a man is has permeated the Black woman's thinking, causing a permanent, invisible separation. There is no being on the planet Earth who has developed such an elaborate plan to produce a kind of a man of himself and then submit to such man. According to the finality of the Plan, the REAL MAN, planned, agreed and developed a situation that is diametrically opposed to His own existence, remained that way for many generations, and then reversed his situation from misery to pleasure. In the process of doing so, his woman, not being a man, is waging judgment as though the plan originated with her.

Real men keep their word. The word being kept today was spoken thousands of years ago. Not too recently, we were reminded in prophecy that the last would be first, and the tail would be the head, resounding the original words. However, the problem that has developed stems from the urgency of the day (present). This problem stems from not knowing how the last will be first, or the tail becomes the head. This is knowledge that only Allah Himself is the Knower of. However, Allah is Allah regardless whether it be the thoughts of man or mankind. Everyone expects for Allah to be successful in whatever He does.

The practice of Allah is always to operate from a position of strength so in order for Him to be successful, those of us that accept Allah and His Plan and How he is carrying it out without prior knowledge have proven themselves to be real men. To submit oneself to Allah and His Plan against the opposition put forth to the world by mankind is a man indeed. To allow himself to work or perform his duty as a unit without the world's interpretation of what a man is is man enough to make the spoken words of yester-year law. For a male to come with me for no salary, in short allowing himself to accept nothing to keep him away, is a man I cannot deny. The opportunity is open for any male to engage in the process of becoming the head. We must remember, the Promised Land was occupied and had to be taken, however without hands. This can only be done by real men. So those of you, males and females that are making mockery of the real men in The United Nation of Islam will soon be at the mercy of those you mock.

In short a man is he that keeps his word based on the circumstances that he makes and not from adjusting to someone else's circumstance.

Up you mighty nation, and accomplish what you will.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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