By ROYALL, Allah in Person
December 20, 2004
Allahu-Akbar is a phrase meaning: "Allah is the Greatest" that is often spoken by Muslims and non-Muslims and rarely does the user of such phrase have the understanding of its divine meaning.

It is naturally taught to us that God, Supreme Being, or Allah is The Independent One because of His Knowledge and Power. However how does that relate to you having no knowledge or power and when it works because of your call, what makes it workable? Just for the mere need to call on Allah in such a manner bears witness that you have no power or not enough for the reason of such a call. So one should ask themselves "why would Allah respond to me?" Most would say, "Allah Loves Me!" I almost beg to differ with you in these words. More blessed is he who has than he who receives. So in order for Allah not to work against Himself the one calling on His power must be in accord with the thinking and behavior of Allah, lest Allah aids his enemy as much as His servant.

All Ministers, Apostles and Messengers, etc., were to lead people to a posture of being able to submit to Allah when He makes his appearance -- even that has caused a problem, because the Nature of the past has fossilized your thinking, forcing Allah to accept and prepare the children, however the door remains open for submission. The best advice that any man or mankind can receive today is to thoroughly check The United Nation of Islam, it's practice, and the spiritual head who is Allah.

So I will say this for you in helping you to submit: Allahu-Akbar!

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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