By ROYALL, Allah in Person
April 26, 2005
Family is a subject that is most talked about especially from the Black people here in North America. Family is the First Order in Nature that Allah put structure to in order to magnify His Will.

Because of the significance of Family, the man of sin placed special attention on the order of family to ensure his success in the process of divide and conquer. The man of sin (Caucasian) has developed a system so successful in fractionalizing the order and function of family that today it is only something wished for in the grand scheme of magnifying and multiplying family is the base of such success. Allah is One, and divides, adds and multiplies the Power of The One into many that represent or stand as One.

Today the world at large, and the Blackman specifically, have no definite to operate from that can be magnified that's in accord with The One Creator. Everything known to mankind and man generally stems from belief -- a science that's far from correct or right and exact. Family is the base of Allah's Creation that bears witness to the formula of multiplication. It is Allah's Will -- with His Many Attributes -- that He be multiplied and magnified many times over, and this is why the question is asked in the Lessons: "What is the duty of a civilized Man?" Answer: "To teach the knowledge and wisdom of the human family of the planet Earth."

There is no one in the borders of North America that is teaching or sharing the Laws and Principles that produce family in an organized way. Without family as the base of civilization, there is no foundation -- no definite for growth or a process of multiplying self. It is like standing in space, where North, South, East or West has any meaning, neither does up or down, in or out -- a perfect example of being lost from the root of all that exists.

I, ROYALL, Being Allah, Must Bring back to the mind of the Original Man the foundation that causes Him to magnify self, which is the process that produces Family. Today I am producing an opportunity for our children to have and grow in the order of Family. Unlike the parents and grandparents who were cared for by foster parents who possessed very little love or care for Allah, or the Order of things that Allah placed in His Creation, rendering our parents and fore parents unable to produce or have a real family. The real order of family must return for the Blackman to survive total extinction, and this is why the order from God is stated: "We must multiply and replenish the Earth, unless all life as we know it be terminated." I strongly urge and suggest that the order of family be thoroughly checked out in The United Nation of Islam. I, ROYALL, Am Absolutely sure that the Nature of the Righteous Man will indeed gravitate to the Family Order produced by Me in this New Nation.

The acceptance of said order by the righteous and others will bring about the solution to all problems of society. So hurry with your acceptance, because there is very little to no time at all to escape the dreadful results for ignoring such an offer.

Fly to Allah.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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