By ROYALL, Allah in Person
May 19, 2005
Temptation is a power that is often used by Satan and the devil that matches or slightly supercedes the power of one's want.

This power preys on the weakness of he that "wants". Power of temptation is never used to magnify right. This power is one of, or, if not, the best tool, that Satan uses against the righteous. Temptation is a power that is rejected by Allah. In these words of warning, do not tempt Allah because it may very well provoke Allah to anger which may prove to be devastating to the tempter.

Temptation is a vice that is used in every aspect of Life in an attempt to show mastery over the person or to show weakness in said above. The whole of the commercial world operates out of Temptation. Today, the whole world of man and mankind has all but sold their soul to the temptation of said power. It is very difficult to find a significant number of Black men -- the Original Man -- that is willing to make a successful showing in resisting temptation.

I, ROYALL, Allah in Person, am asking "How will it be when you are forced to make a decision against the power of temptation?" Because of the dreadful day that is increasing on this country, will you be able to submit to the righteous upon your late arrival in a way that the righteous will be able to tolerate you? The unwise practice of waiting to see will most certainly place you face to face with the Shock of The Hour, rendering many speechless.

Blackman, the time is UP. Mercy is being withdrawn. A place has been and is being developed for your salvation. Don't wait until the weight of waiting crushes you.

Fly to your own Nature in the righteous house that is being built for it.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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