Woe, to the Black Woman, Part II
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
June 13, 2005
Part Two of this subject is equally as needed and important as Part One. Looking at the numerous complaints concerning the Blackman is all but overwhelming. The current reason for such a display of weakness and fear in the Blackman is seldom addressed or even recognized.

The Blackwoman is the mother and teacher of the Blackman, which in effect is fathered by the Whiteman. The constant comparing of the two men -- White and Black -- by her has instilled in the Blackman a sense of worthlessness and powerlessness which she constantly and readily enforces. So what we see today is a result of her handiwork, which is backed up and enforced by her "man" -- the Whiteman.

This perpetual cycle must be Divinely broken by God Himself. Blackwoman, we made you for ourself -- the Black MAN. You are of our Nature, however you are fornicating with another man and he cannot rule if we are ruling. So this warning to you Blackwoman should be taken as a sign of mercy. The severity of your actions is a grievious one because you are standing in the doorway of the past AND future. You must come with us or be removed -- just as the past fades away.

Remember, Blackwoman, you are not qualified by Nature to determine what a man "is" or "is not" because you cannot be one. So I am repeating the same warning that we placed in your name, Woman -- "Woe, I am not a Man".

Remember, we made you to be with Number One, not to be Number Two with a follower of Number One -- a copycat -- the Whiteman.
Take this warning very seriously. It is a matter of your life or death.

ROYALL, Allah in Person
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