Being One With The Man
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
July 26, 2005
The last two posts that warned the Black Woman of her treatment towards the Black Man should have caused some soul-searching to find whether or not you fit the described behavior of said post. The problem that the well-meaning Sister finds herself in is, "What now?" "What must be done", and "What are the advantages of being as one for a Sister or a wife to the Black Man?"

We that are Gods have found that it is more beneficial to show and prove that which works rather than spending time with that which does not work. Being one with the God (the Black Man) requires a concentrated effort to find the thinking pattern of that God in the plan for the future that he is currently developing, and become one with said thinking. This, in turn, will free you to be an addition or, better still, to multiply the very essence of the God.

Usually Gods are pleased with themselves enough to share himself with another. There is nothing mentally or physically closer to him than his woman when she accepts said process. The love then flows from him to his woman which takes on a greater meaning to him, and he then makes his flow of love continuous or perpetual. This equates to freedom from worry, stress, and all types of sickness for his woman, and there is nothing greater for the Black Woman than to see her purpose for living mentally and physically standing before her eyes - she then becomes a willing Goddess almost effortlessly. This also stimulates a willing need to reproduce the God (husband) as a show of her great love and appreciation for him for allowing and showing her a definite place in life.

Of course this that you are reading must be carried out and put into practice.
The fullness of said idea can only be carried out with the man when the man is actually
a God. However, the Black Man is in a transitional period, making his turn to me.
This process of turning may take a little while, and this is the opportunity that makes itself available to you Black Woman, to be his Sister (assisting in making his turn).
This will ensure your future happiness.

For the Brothers that read this post, the simple formula expressed here for the Black Woman should be applied from you to me. This post is uniquely constructed. Study it to find its uniqueness. Take the word "freedom" as a hint and be careful that you do not lose the meaning and purpose of the post looking for its uniqueness.
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