The Time of Confusion
By ROYALL, Allah in Person
August 1, 2005
Confusion is the interjection of several thoughts and ideas that seemingly conflicts with the present idea of that which is expected to be achieved. This process may cause many delays and even failure of any progress towards the development of that which is expected. The cause of the confusion varies as long as there are thoughts and ideas to be developed.

Confusion can easily be injected in this world because of the man of sin. This is an expected reality, so much so, confusion has been made a law under the title of "Murphy's Law". The basic cause of said condition are lies, purposely injected for whatever reason. Living under the rule of the man of sin for so many years, lying and confusion have become an expected reality.

The Time of Confusion is a statement that indicates a time when the Universe, or Nature, recognizes confusion and pauses in its retaliation against it. The time for acquainting the world with the Divine, or the Reality of God Himself, is the only reason for such pause. Confusion is always a reaction to Truth. Because of the Divinity of The Time, a Man was made to deliver a warning. This Warner lasted for over 40+ years, however it was only a warning (Message) that must be understood before the expected results of said Message can be REALIZED. Now that the understanding of The Message is here there is a concentrated effort to produce confusion upon confusion by leaders and would-be leaders for personal gain.

All Divinity of The Message has been removed because of the injected lies by these leaders. The masses are unable to avoid confusion because of said behavior. They are unable to tell the Time, or read it accurately, which brings us to the present day. Because of these leaders trust has become a fading reality, placing the Blackman in the worst position and condition since Creation.

Minister Louis, the last divine man entrusted with The Message, has treated the Divinity of The Message with reckless abandonment as though there is no penalty for said behavior. It is well-known that there is a time for everything, and everything has had its time -- except the FULL participation in developing Allah's Will, which is now THE Time.

Remember, as a man thinketh, so is he. And, also, so is his consequences and/or his reward. Understanding is a must, so don't wait.


P.S. "My people lose their life for the lack of knowledge AFTER it has been sent to them."
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