A Few Words of Thanks
To The Members of The United Nation of Islam
From Royall, The Spiritual Head
To those of you who perform your duty tirelessly, these are a few words of Thanks for keeping your duty to your Lord in the face of the tireless, ever-energized enemy against our performance and rise of our people, The Blackman.

Thank you, meaning "always thinking of you", and ways to reward those of us who fit this category beyond mere words. I am beginning to feel very, very happy knowing that I am justified in cracking the gate where blessings are stored to allow a few of them to be received by those who are worthy. We have now arrived at a point in our rise that makes us almost impossible to wait any longer for our dead Brothers.

Our main success in attracting our people and others has been and continues to be what we are DOING that is baffling all of the onlookers. Some people give a description of what they see as being "magic" -- meaning everything that we are doing, they see as being Great, and nothing "dreadful". We are willfully, however most times unknowingly, fulfilling scripture keeping our duty in the Will of Allah, where ONLY success is realized, never failure.

So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You again, over and over. So continue your duty, and I will continue blessing you in a more magnified way.

Your Father that Loves You,

Royall, Allah in Person
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