An invitation from ROYALL
The Spiritual Head of
The United Nation of Islam.
The Need For Do-ers!

We need to be about DOING all that the “lip professers” profess from their lips!

We, The United Nation of Islam, have grown to such proportion that help is needed to continue broadening our base and foundation to ensure the safety and salvation of our people -- The Blackman.

The opportunities are so vast here in The United Nation of Islam that We are unable to fulfill and/or take advantage of those opportunities that I, Royall, Have made available! We are dealing with FOOD and the SCIENCE of it -- much more than just farming it. We are dealing with FABRIC at its origin that will help us to be more susceptible to the Will of Allah. We are dealing with HOMES that are virtually maintenance free and the strength to withstand a 400-mph wind. The journey is so exhilarating that growth is a must -- however We are building a Righteous Nation or Kingdom, which demands that when one Brother moves on the position still must be maintained. So this process alone demands more willing participants to ensure our stability and our growth.

I, ROYALL, The Spiritual Head of The United Nation of Islam and all of its Laborers are inviting all that would want to come to our Independence Celebration in Kansas City, Kansas, from the time of June 30 through July 2 (and longer if the individual seeks to do so). All who attend will have the opportunity to view HEAVEN and see for themselves the worthiness that demands their attention -- whether you are Black, White or all those in between. This is what makes us United. Our People who are around the country who have witnessed what we are doing are asking for us -- EVERYWHERE -- to do SOMETHING in their community. This request from around the country could be answered if the Blackman would stop talking and start doing. We are stretched very, very thin attempting to fulfill as much as humanly possible the requests made of us. It is a wonderful thing to be able to sleep at night knowing that everything that you have done is right and exact, or at least acceptable by those that touch our garments. In short, what we in The United Nation of Islam are doing NEEDS -- NEEDS -- NEEDS to be magnified in thy midst.

So hurry to your calling, and let's expand heaven, and take our Earth back
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