"Having Sex", Explained
By Royall, Allah in Person
July 24, 2007
"Having sex" is a negative expression of making love, introduced to us by the open enemy of Truth. The natural power of attraction placed in our nature has been used against us; meaning there is an attraction or power that presents itself to the individual regardless to their ability to respond intelligently or not. Because Nature requires a response or recognition to this magnetic attraction, proper knowledge and understanding is required to show mastery over this Natural occurrence. When Love-Making is experienced in its natural occurrence there is nothing that supersedes this experience simply because this is a gift from The Creator to allow Himself and His creatures to experience the glory of creation and/or creating, which perpetuates the fullness of His universe.
The act of "having sex" can only be performed in the absence of real love. The act of sex is equivalent to having an acquaintance instead of a friend. Every human emotion is tied to this procedure. The proper function of Love-Making, especially being intimate spiritually, mentally and physically is the first doorway to see life as it really is.
There is nothing greater in creation than reproducing yourself, because it gives one the ability and pleasure of starting and preparing perpetuation of this undeniable gift from Allah to someone who came from you. However, today, under the present ruler there is nothing glorious because of your misery and misery you pass on to your offspring by way of having "sex" in the absence of making love. Those of you that are males, growing and developing in the United Nation of Islam have a duty and responsibility to protect our females because by Nature we are the providers and protectors of our females so that they may teach our young the wonders of this glorious attribute called Love.
So whenever this act of Love/Sex takes place prematurely before it's time, it sets up a doorway for Satan to place his interpretation on it which always is against the Creator.
And Remember, Satan has produced nothing that equals the satisfaction that Love produces. The price that one has to pay for acting out of time is never fully paid, leaving you guilty and ashamed for allowing yourself to be cheated out of this natural occurrence and the fullness of its meaning. These few words apply to all ages, because of the lack of knowledge of parent and child in this matter. Those of you that have submitted to the rhythm of Truth, be careful not to rob yourself of such divine pleasure by making your move too soon.
Remember, the devil has sex. God makes Love. The choice is yours. So is the reward. It is up to you, whether it be negative or positive. If you are with Me, your reward is positive.
Remember patience is a virtue.
Royall, Allah in Person
P.S. More to come if needed.
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